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Cryptocurrency Holders, Recognise at Some Point, They're Holding the Proceeds of Crime

During my research into Bitcoin over the past year I've been astonished how so many bitcoin holders go bananas when I point out that it won't be long before the narrative of censorship resistance will be a thing of the past. The responses take the form of typical social engineering censorship and attacks ad hominem. Even among some professionals here on Linkedin. Even, among our senior politicians.

Why would people embarrass themselves so publicly?

This piece may be helpful as a read prior to considering this further.


The conclusion based on repeat evidence is those who censor you the most are more likely to be passively laundering stolen goods or the proceeds of crime through their bitcoin assets. Maybe only a small amount, and almost certainly without taking part in the crime itself. Nevertheless, the law will see it as equivalent.

Not only does this apply to individuals but institutions in finance, media, and more widely the well known professional services corporations. There is nowhere that is not balls deep in crypto, a large part of which is the proceeds of crime.

So when I point out with technical clarity that bitcoin is neither encrypted nor anonymous thus cannot possibly be censorship resistant, it means every bit of activity handling the proceeds of crime is stored immutably on chain in clear text for the authorities to pick up as they so please.

Obviously this inner revelation of long held complicity raises a huge shadow projection from the unconscious guilty resulting in bitter and spiteful social engineering attacks.

Soon the law and tax collector might be knocking on their door, with immutable evidence carefully prepared for the judge, sitting in clear text on chain, making a guilty plea the best option. One cannot escape the law and bitcoin makes no difference whatsoever either technically, politically or legally.

The astonishing thing to consider here is all the big crypto names already realise this yet are doing their best to drag it out for as long as possible, I believe, in the hope the politicians involved can be bought. And there's a slow trickle of CxO exits going on daily now.

As always, the outcome rests on the integrity of leadership the great mass freely selects.