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Rent Seeking & the Pareto Distribution

This idea may at first sight appear to be anecdotal. Yet it's happening often enough for it to at least be suggestive of a hypothesis. Much like a carnivore diet and it's relation to manic depression. This hypothesis is not intended to point out particular culprits for punishment. It's not even the intent to be a call out to do something about the problem or to act on it in some way. And it most certainly is not yet another attempt to exhibit ones jealousy of wealth. It is to ask for a dialogue to start on the topic. So that we can finally discuss what is actually there, by observing it 'suspended', free from the judgement of our prior beliefs. A Pareto Distribution is proposed as a natural force or a law of nature. In the economic sense, the proportions of the  distribution are driven by rent seeking.  In other fields there will be other drivers with the same effect on distribution of whatever has value in that field. The reason rent seeking never comes
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Give Me My Sweeties

Recently I had an exchange with a man who would make himself angry, when I started talking about how the world's problems are caused by individuals, like myself, him and others and not a cabal of wealth and power. That is to say, me and you, I. The curious thing is I was not saying it was his fault or directing any blame onto him personally. But he took it exactly as though that was what I was doing. And made several attacks directly at my person. When I pointed this out, though he did not deny it, he got yet more angry, using further projections. This poor child is still not aware of his actions. And the cause of them. Which is that I am pointing clearly at how it's a neurosis, which often develops into a psychosis, to blame wealth and power for the world's problems, while "I" proceed to be fully complicit in them. Because I am the cause. Not they. So how is it technically that "I" am root cause of the world's problems? The most common w

The People's Front of Judea - Political Manifesto

This is the official manifesto of our political party. Which we will project during the early 2027 election campaign, following the next financial crisis. Who am I?  I identify as a Jew, not because I agree with Jews but because they are the perrenial recipients of persecution. It's a systemic injustice which the whole of the rest of the world supports. I have no idea why 7 billion or more people have so much hate in them. I'm just pointing at it and making a stand for Jews. I have no other particular position on Jews, the semetic or Israel, except they're exceptionally good at cyber security and have an annoying habit of stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. What is our policy? This document is a work in progress. I'll add our party policy to it as and when I can. On taxation being primary policy cause of poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy and systemic collapse  Large placeholder. But it might be simpler just to refer directly to both the SFR Group on Lo

The Tool

I disagree that science shapes politics. Or the other way around. Or a similar iteration of the same topic. I hypothesise that thought shapes the world. And science is an image of this world which thought created. And now worships. Thought created an image of the world. Then thought worshipped the image it created. Now, science is an astonishing 'labour saving device'. It has enormous utility. So helps create more wealth outputs for less wealth inputs. But that is all it can do. It cannot change people's minds. Only thought does that. Once upon a time in a world far away in a different multiverse, a people needed a new tool for survival. Times were hard, crops were failing and there were regular famine. They created a powerful new tool, by thought, to deal with it and save them. This tool was merely an image of the world, not the real world. And they knew this, recognising it's extreme importance and the danger of forgetting it was just an image. And promise

Tomorrow Decides Who Gets the Blame for the 2026 Great Recession

Tomorrow, the UK electorate will be voting. To decide on who gets the blame for the 2026 Great Recession.  The Recession vehicle is mortgages. The asset is real estate. The net affect will be 30% correction in house prices overnight. And either 1) government bailing out all single homeowner mortgagors or 2) 1 in 10 families losing their homes and families. More likely a bit of both. By the end of 2026 we forecast the economies of the western world will have collapsed, so that they're in a position to recover from the past 20 years, and re-establish themselves for the next 20. Whichever party wins the 2024 election will bear the brunt of blame in 2026 for causing the recession. It will not have been their policies which caused it but the majority who elected them. Nevertheless, this majority will blame the incumbents for the recession. To such an extent that another snap rejection will be forced onto the government and the other side of the Uniparty will be back in power

The Pandemic as a Visionary Rumour

Before I continue, allow me to make myself abundantly clear. I by no means am saying the pandemic did not happen, that the vaccine is a psyop, that masks have no effect or that the PCR test was used to gain cases artificially. Likewise I'm not saying the opposite is true. I am proposing a radical idea which crosses normally  acceptable boundaries so inevitably will draw large resistance and discounting out of hand. In the hope that something new will happen, I am saying that large groups of people will by nature automatically corral into a powerful structure which creates an imaginary threat to survival. And will stand by that image of threat as if there was nothing more important. Acting accordingly and expectedly. Yet will not be conscious it is doing it. And that this large group acts as if it has a life of it's own much like an individual, and can take action usually projecting enormous power. A 'visionary rumour' is like an image, or narrative, created

The Dellingpod & Dr. Mike Yeadon at the Rock Tower

Ivermectin and Hiroshima I went to the Dellingpod last night with Mike Yeadon. Astonished at the audience. When Yeadon told us Ivermectin is a psyop and that Hiroshima was not destroyed by an atomic bomb, the audience simply believed him on faith, kind of with a giant swoon which went around the room like a Mexican wave as everyone just believed him. Now, I'm not in the least bit suggesting he's wrong here. I am observing that the whole room of 250 people just believed it with no further analysis from authority. An observation. Immediately I questioned how I had done exactly the same in the past on other topics. And now wonder about if I believe all this stuff as a matter of faith too. I put this observation to others present who simply denied it happened. Astonishing. Yeadon also made a clear statement he recognises he's regarded as a nutter but there is no better analysis of the situation unless anyone wants to suggest a one. Well the hypothesis of 'vision