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The Wisdom of Assange, Snowden & Ulbricht, Relative to Dr. Craig Wright

Making my way along High Holborn from London's High Court today at the end of the trial of COPA versus Dr. Craig Wright, I was thinking about how the crypto world has been on a witch hunt for Wright for 8 years now. Does this collective of 'investor citizens' hate him so much because his adventure reveals their own complicity in systemic crime? Let's take a very brief look at some history... The feds were tracking Edward Snowden and Julian Assange from day one. Because both believed Bitcoin was anonymous and encrypted, so also foolishly believed it is censorship resistant so cannot be traced and followed by the law. Yet anyone who has made a cursory analysis of how crypto works knows all transactions are sent in clear text. For anyone who refuses to believe this is so simple, cast your minds back to how successfully a narrative operated during the pandemic. In convincing not only nations, but an entire planet to just believe the story being told. I'm not implying th
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Dr. Craig Wright Has Called Me a Communist Several Times for the Exact Reasons Mentioned Here

And I quote: "And in the mutations of fortune, some slaveholders would be constantly falling into the class of intermediaries and finally into the class of slaves, while individual slaves would be rising. The conscience, benevolence or gratitude of masters would lead them occasionally to manumit slaves; their interest would lead them to reward the diligence, inventiveness, fidelity to themselves, or treachery to their fellows, of particular slaves. Thus, as has often occurred in slave countries, we would find slaves who were free to make what they could on condition of paying so much to their masters every month or every quarter; slaves who had partially bought their freedom, for a day or two days or three days in the week, or for certain months in the year, and those who had completely bought themselves, or had been presented with their freedom. And, as has always happened where slavery had not race character, some of these ex-slaves or their children would, in the constant movem

Why Do All Tenants and Mortgagors Act Like Slaves, Even in the Modern World?

Theres a big media event currently about EU farmers. I'm astonished that no one has realised yet, that they are de facto slaves, facing the same consequences society willingly projects onto them. I do not understand the sudden concern. And I quote:  "Robinson Crusoe, as we all know, took Friday as his slave. Suppose, however, that instead of taking Friday as his slave, Robinson Crusoe had welcomed him as a man and a brother; had read him a Declaration of Independence, an Emancipation Proclamation and a Fifteenth Amendment, and informed him that he was a free and independent citizen, entitled to vote and hold office; but had at the same time also informed him that that particular island was his (Robinson Crusoe's) private and exclusive property. What would have been the difference? Since Friday could not fly up into the air nor swim off through the sea, since if he lived at all he must live on the island, he would have been in one case as much a slave as in the other. Cruso

The Intersection of the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving and the COPA versus Wright Trial

Sometime in April, when the predefined number of blocks have been mined, the subsidy which miners receive for creating blocks of transactions, will be cut in half. This is all legitimate and understood. To keep mining at the same rate of profit, miners will either have to commit twice as much of their savings, to proof of work costs, to remain above water hope the price gets pumped either legally or not, to account for the loss of subsidy Meanwhile sometime in March 24, just prior to the halving, the COPA versus Dr. Craig Wright case to determine if Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto - inventor of Bitcoin, will be ruled on by Mr. Justice Mellor in The High Court of Justice in London. What a coincidence! Who would like to speculate on: If this is actually a coincidence or the risky strategy of one side or the other? If Wright wins, what will happen to the price of Bitcoin at an exceedingly critical time for buyers and sellers? Likewise, if he loses? Whatever happens in the trial, Bitcoin will r

Activism is Destroying Our World as Much as are the Corrupt

Who is power better in the hands of? 1) Activists 2) The corrupt Both claim to be doing the bidding of the People. And both claim to be doing it for the greater good. Give power to activists and the unintended consequences inevitably escalate out of control and unaccountably. So much so that giving power to the corrupt instead would in the end have been no worse.

Is Google 'attacking the network' by censoring it's data and AI

Is Google 'attacking the network' by censoring it's data and AI results for political reasons? Is X. Is Facebook? Whomever is censoring data which beforehand was freely written and sent to the network, is attacking the network, no exception. Even if the state does it, it is an attack on the network. If a network is distributed like these are, then if you censor what data runs across it, even if you own the network, then you automatically in law, become a trusted third party much like we see with commercial banks. And a TTP has a fiduciary duty to protect its users. Which means it must cause them no harm or face the consequences. So we reach an impasse here. Who defines what is protecting and what is not protecting, users? Is it the corporation who owns the network. The state who orders them. Or someone else? And who of these defines what is allowed to be sent to and registered on, the network? Whatever. Whomever is censoring data which beforehand was freely written and sent

CBDC Adoption Requires a Change of Systemic Mindset Not New Technology

It's clear that the UK's digital pound CBDC presents many challenges to the Bank and commercial banks. What is not so clear is how exactly to approach its adoption at a strategic level. A few are taking it on properly, such as the Digital Pound Foundation. I'm going to show you how the only way to look at adoption which has any chance of resulting in success is by making a change of mind about finance, technology and CBDC systems generally. That is, we are dealing with something systemic. So we must look at it systemically from the top down. And abandon the old guard approach of piece meal changes driven by fear of an uncertain future and an understandably chaotic meddling state. So, the remedy here is not technical per se. But a change of mind. As I network in this arena I've been asking for all comers to open up the working groups to the possibility of this change of mind. It's not really a technology solution I'm proposing though the detail consists of that o