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My Bitcoin Small World Network

  I created this SWaN using NetLogo complexity modelling tool. By rewiring just 8 links out of a hundred we got close to an optimal small world for this instance. Clustering is still dense relative to a much reduced average path length. This rewiring means normally distant connections have been brought closer to home. This is a model. In a Bitcoin network small world there would be a lot more clusters less densely packed I expect. But you get the idea. The question is, will the Bitcoin network form into a small world if left to its own devices - the intensely competing commercial operators of nodes.
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IPv6 Multicast Adoption by Internet Exchanges for Bitcoin

This is a commercial problem, not a technical one. Not for miners, but for the Internet Exchanges Is the expected future Bitcoin business big enough and reliable enough for the Internet exchanges to adopt multicast? Multicast is not supported over the Internet. Period! Because it was never needed until now $ wise. It's technically simple. Turn on the switch and router software features which make it happen on intranets everywhere. Internet exchanges would do it if the business were there, like any business would. So this is a build it and they will come fallacy. There is no demand. Except for Bitcoin which also has yet to be adopted. So it's a quadratic fallacy. The challenge is to build a business case big enough and convincing enough for all the Internet exchanges in the world to start supporting it finally, en masse. It's a commercial problem, not a technical one. The alternative is to hash together a new host centric  protocol that does it all, while scaling bigger than

Why We Should Pay More Attention to Conspiracy Theory

The Image is not the Thing. It is the image. We should pay more attention to conspiracy theory for two reasons: 1) such a large proportion of the population are attracted to them, so much so that even if nonsense, the wise will demand to know why exactly that is, because ignorance of it might miss an opportunity to discover something collectively important 2) though just images of the world, they always tend to point towards genuine and serious problems we all know exist but do not have the knowledge, certainty and language to describe with confidence, so these images are like a map leading to the source of very serious, yet probably unrelated extant social problems * And yes, I'm well aware there are snake oil traders who do very well by exploiting people as conspiracy theory figureheads. Let them join the others. We're here to understand 1 and 2 above. Despite conspiracy theory being prima facie 'nuts' to the normie material world observer, why then are su

People NEED existential threats, even if imaginary ones, to find meaning

How society mitigated existential threat Human life used to be under threat daily from many sources.  Existence was constantly under threat. During these times survival was assisted by constant guard against these threats. Eventually these 'guards' became to all intents and purposes, instinctively embedded in our DNA. Perhaps ten thousand years ago humans decided to form society. This society developed so well that the pre historic existential threats were all but removed. There was no longer any real danger except the bad luck of disease and asteroid strikes. Even a bad harvest could be survived quite easily - famine was a thing of the past. Society has yet to remove these instincts from our DNA But that was only ten thousand years ago. Biological evolution is a slow process. The instincts used to guard against survival threats are still running strong, like a program. Humans, in spite of society removing all threats to survival, still instinctively NEED these instincts to be

Executive Summary of the Modern World

...and the imaginary rumours we still create to remind us life is all about survival  We still possess primordial inherited instincts Which tell us about constant impending dangers Our ancient ancestors used them as a survival tool in an environment which was constantly dangerous And with the advent of social organisation these existential threats disappeared Yet we still possess the instinct, like it remains in our DNA. And as a substitute for real danger we create imaginary danger, to fill the gap. This survival instinct still drives us as a primary function. Because it gives our lives meaning. More meaning than religions, fame or fortune. Much more. The drive is unconscious so we cannot be aware of it's powerful driving force This means there is no scientific analysis, logic nor reason which can attend to it It's also a collective activity making it quite remote for individual action to identify and act upon So what is the result of this artificial separation of ancient inhe

Satoshi Bails out Dr. Craig Wright by Spending Gemini Block Coins. And the 2026 Great Recession

Not sure if you're into the scam known as cryptocurrency - Dr. Wright has lost his trial to BigTech, Mastercard & Visa, who do not want him to own the rights to Bitcoin for obvious commercial reasons.  The judge has already said Wright needs to find £6 million to pay the plaintiffs costs. Fair enough. But the judge has also served a Worldwide Freezing Order on Wrights total net worth. Meaning he cannot move any more assets until the judge says so.  The plaintiffs fear that Wright will run to a tax haven and explicitly called the judge for the injunction. So Wright has to wait until April 12th where he can ask permission to sell assets to pay the costs.  This trial is all about if Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin, AKA Satoshi Nakamoto, and he lost. And there are several $billions in Bitcoin stored in the original addresses which most of the world believes were mined in 2009 by Satoshi himself. The general view is that Wright owns the keys to these addresses. The plot thickens. 

Equality of the Law, Dr. Craig Wright & Satoshi Nakamoto You don't need to read this all the way through. Just skirt through a paragraph of your choice. It's hard to say it's been written by a fraud or imposter. Clearly whomever wrote this knows exactly how the technology works from it's deepest roots. The curious thing is, the technical developers wanting to see him jailed, cannot talk to it well at all. Most of the celebrity figures don't even know about broad blocks of the protocol. So what exactly is going on in the trial of Dr. Craig Wright, when the judge says he, the only one who understands the white paper, did not write it. It's a most curious thing. BTW the other day the same judge issued a Worldwide Freezing Order on all of Wrights assets, in case he tries to flee. Follow the outcome of this injunction in the news. Why? Because if Wright pays these costs from Bitcoin mined in the early Satoshi Nakamoto blocks, surely that will prove he