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Rejoice! For This Is The End of an Age

We didn't really go deep into our views on extinction yesterday. Here is mine, just an idea to be shared. Not a truth.

Precis: In life, things go in cycles, eternally - birth, growth, death, rebirth - forever. Does the world grow, or recycle?We can imagine this is true for entire civilisations. Our current civilisation is treasured by all tribes. But at the end of an age we must allow it to die, without fear of where that will all go after death. We must look forward to the death and treat it with as much respect as we do life. A kind of celebration. Waiting for the next generation and the excitement of what that will look like.

Civilisation, psychologically, is who I AM, where I come from. I AM THE WORLD is how thought tells us about civilisation. But who will dare speak like that in our fearful 100% material world today? The end of this civilisation is not a material world problem, but it really feels like it, because thought has made it ME. So when we talk about extinction publicly today, are we really projecting our psychic self, into the material world?

God is dead. We have killed him. So there is no longer a psychic outlet to carry the celebration. And we project this as fear into the material world, with only the end of the material planet as a way to see it on the big screen. If this 'patient' were taken to a specialist, he would be sectioned immediately as a grave danger to those around him.

Fear is a powerful tool, working on the minds of the great mass. Fear is rooted in the belief  that material THINGS are all there is. We have killed God(the search for meaning) And with what will we wash our hands of all the blood? Fear is with what. Driven by imperialistic tribal ideas which are almost impossible to penetrate. No one listens. The psyche which is ME is no longer accessible for we have killed God. It is now seen as just mumbo jumbo.

There is no evidence the material world is in danger. Only the scientific religiosity of imperialist tribal leadership and their high priests. Fear is being used to force a totalitarian rule purely to save material life which does not need saving. With the impunity of psychopaths we are trying to prevent our 'deaths', the death of our civilisation really, an act of madness in totality. We killed God, so we cannot see the celebration of crucifixion and resurrection, we no longer respect ACTUAL life and death or the wholeness of it. Only a limited material life is respected. Science is not driving knowledge. Science is being driven by tribal imperialism to do as its told

What is the answer? To look carefully at our pure worship of material things, like the material world. To regain our footing on wholeness. To become grounded again. And rejoice, for the end of this age

What will happen when my material body dies? It will go to the dust. What about my psychic body? It will continue to flow in the stream of others. The bubbling stream which has been carefully tended and from which I gathered everything I know about who I was, in actuality, when I sprung up from the dust for that short time. I will be there for my descendants, forever.