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A Fully Functioning Bitcoin, Will Help Rescue the Economy in 2026

I'm talking about Bitcoin, using the original long forgotten protocol, as a point to point, ultra high scale, micropayment cash system. I am not talking about crypto shitcoins, altcoins, eth or BTC

So when I say Bitcoin, I do not mean what people commonly see as Bitcoin today which is merely a speculative get rich quick financial security known properly as Bitcoin Core(BTC). This is cryptocurrency not Bitcoin and diverges significantly in its capabilities which are poor and encourage scams. 

Bitcoin Core(BTC), masquerading as Bitcoin dominates right now yes. But it cannot dominate when its eventually required by the market as a commodity. Then, it will be treated like all other financial instruments of speculation, as a pure gamble, not available to the great masse of people and not useful to them in any practical way.

Bitcoin for real, if adopted by society as an electronic cash system, will act like an incredible labour saving device, with the same impact on the economy as say the Internet or steam. Or topically today AI. But it will have a far greater effect if utilised well than AI because it will now be carrying the billions of daily transactions the people of the world need to make, to make way. Yet without the large hidden costs necessarily imposed by a trusted third party such as a bank to assure the payments succeed and resist fraud.

The effect of every labour saving device is to increase productivity. That is, for every unit of labour and capital input, an economy using Bitcoin will now be able to produce that much more output of goods and services - or in economic terms, wealth. Much like the use of money and cash did originally to avoid the transaction losses associated with barter.

A very great thing indeed. But Bitcoin will have no power to do anything more than that. We should count our blessings. And assure that the original protocol retains its original intent which is to avoid criminal activity. Bitcoin Core - the fake blockchain, has failed here because its centralised ruling developers deliberately removed the parts of the protocol that made fraud impossible, for very good reason - to allow its front runners to get rich quick at the cost of all the fools who are willing to pay a higher price to get in too late.

Is this a problem? Not really. But it's not the end of the story. 

A more productive economy always creates more demand for locations on which to produce all this extra wealth obviously. You cannot produce any wealth without a location to produce it on. And the most valuable ones are where the most wealth is made. Naturally the best technology will migrate to the best locations, increasing the demand for those locations. And given all locations are in fixed supply, the ultimate effect will be to raise the rental value of these locations. 

This can be seen more clearly by looking at how that increase in rental value is traded as an asset. Any stream of income can be sold permanently by capitalising it into a selling price. This is normally done by taking the annual income and multiplying it by so many years. Real estate typically can be bought for 20 years rent. Curiously about the lifetime of a mortgage. By making the annual rental value of a location a financial asset like this it becomes much clearer for people to see how to trade it. 

Let's recap how this incredible economic cause and effect takes place:
  1. a new technology increases the productive power of an economy
  2. this greater productivity increases the demand for locations to create wealth on
  3. the greater demand for a fixed supply of locations means rent will rise to that extent
  4. locations as a capital asset will now sell at a proportionally higher price all else being equal
All thanks to the inventor of a new technology, real estate wins the end. And there is nothing anyone can do about it, even by using IP patents protectionism or the law. Nothing. It will all end up in higher real estate prices.

So the net effect, in the final analysis, of a well functioning and authentic Bitcoin ecash system, will be to pump house prices. Massively.

Now, to the main point. We're forecasting a deep recession around 2026, caused as always by house prices and mortgages - rents. Getting out of these crises always requires:
  1. The rental value to fall generally, to a price that allows business to start back up
  2. Or a significant boost to productivity through some new invention or labour saving device, which can make the higher rents affordable to business once again
  3. Or a bit of both, which is the most likely case
This, is the time when Bitcoin proper will come of age - to be the primary factor lifting the world economy back out of recession. I'm expecting the original inventor to be moved to one side because though trustworthy and authentic, he is politically a poor figurehead to be anywhere near this. This is a sad part of this story and it is unfair to him, but if he remains in control it is very unlikely to happen. This means the brand 'Bitcoin' will likely be rebranded by whomever recognises this flaw and has the power to control the IP when required. 

We'll still need banks to make credits for business, mortgages and for savings. We'll no longer need them so much for cash transactions. In fact, banks would benefit by using Bitcoin for its own transactions because its so much cheaper - they would be a threat to their own shareholders if they don't use it. So do not follow pundits who want you to be scared of CDBCs. Bitcoin ecash will be covering all of the trillions of daily transactions already. CDBC's, even if they do happen will be just another sidechain to the main Bitcoin blockchain.

And avoid like the plandemic any expert who tells you its nonsense that productivity always ends up in rents. They often say they can go into outer space where the land is free, or anywhere there is freeland and produce all the extra wealth there, and so keep the profit themselves. Their ignorance merely reinforces the whole point so thank them for their stupidity - outer space will now command a rental value because everyone will be moving there now its more productive - very quickly indeed - this is business! Just like happened when the pioneers crossed the Atlantic to the New World.