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A Letter to the Romans. No. A Letter to Me

In response to an article by a semi-celebrity writer who became popular during the plandemic in exposing the Government nudge unit. It was a great effort by her to reveal what is happening. But does she really understand what's happening and is she aware she is projecting the same thing herself in paying respect to the authority she prefers to lead her own thought? 

I wrote her an epistle, pleading for her to return to the Christ she worships.


This is non sequitur. Let me explain. 

If my mind is free, I will ignore the nudging and laugh about it. 

If I'm an authentic hero - a light to myself, and I choose to break an unjust law that is fine too. Because this light means I will bear the consequences of breaking the law without complaint. Even unto death. 

THAT is freedom. But this is too hard for you isn't it.

If I am a slave I willingly adopt what is meted out to me as the better alternative, knowing fully I'm submitting part of my freedom in a fair exchange. I am not willing to face the consequences of injustice and prefer a cosy life. 

That is the deal. It will have been an explicit choice I made deliberately. Nothing has been forced on me against my will. I and 7 billion others do it willingly and do not understand where you are going with your guidance.

So when you say people are being manipulated, it does not follow. It is non sequitur.

And if you are upset about government power controlling you, what are you going to do about it - will you proceed to manipulate others into agreeing with you. Why project your own violence into others. Why not grasp your own violence and recognise it is no different to your enemies violence. Not the same in kind or firm. But your violence which is the actual violence of the nudge unit. I am violent. I share the exact same violence with you. We are one. 

What will you do. This is a matter of your own freedom and if you are being authentic to yourself about it. Or are you just escaping as do we all?

I admire the energy you put into your work. The thrust of it is to say you do not like the worldview of the great masse. That is all.

There's also the widespread hacktivist activity which is trying to cast blame on wealth and power. Your guidance is attempting in its own stealthy way to help the great masse of people escape from our complicity in all this, which is strong in your writing. You are yourself trying to manipulate people toward your own worldview. Which is silly. You must realise we make our own minds up. ALWAYS. No one can force me to change my mind.

Can you see the neurosis in this approach? Are you willing to look into this more carefully? 

"I am a light to myself. I share my fear, with all other humans. My fear is what in my conscious self unites me with the violence of all other humans. I AM the fear. The fear we all share is the world. I am the world. If I can watch this in myself, can I STAY with it, not judging it and moralising about it. Just looking at it directly, in that moment. Can I do that? Then I will see that I am the violence that before now I was projecting onto government or whatever authority it most easily sticks to. So that I can escape from the fear, and proceed with my violence".

Isn't this what is really happening in the world today and since the dawn of of humanity has it ever made progress? We have yet to evolve. So far evolution is just a material world fantasy science created out of thought which helps nudge me into an escape. 

You are promoting the identical thing your guidance is saying is wrong. The only difference is the authority you prefer to support doing all the violence.