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Hurry, Your House is Burning Down

I was on a zoom call earlier. It was an AGM for an Australian reform movement. They are trying very hard to create policy which government can use to solve the worlds problems. Some have devoted a lifetime of hard work to it. Their think tank has been going for over 12 years, non stop hard work and fire fighting. 

They were presenting how they have done so well this year. The urge was for me to raise my hand and ask:

"Please show me your most successful policy this year and how it has moved the body politic?". 

But I couldn't do it because obviously its a direct challenge to their total failure to change anything, in this lifetime, on earth. I would be seen once as just another trouble maker. And it would not make me feel any better either. 

I told the story to a more open minded friend. He said:

"They are saying there's a house on fire across the road, with people in danger, which urgently needs putting out and no one cares about it - how crazy is that? And you're telling them that their critical emergency call is a waste of time".

But that's not what I'm telling them. What I'm saying is:

"No! Your own house is on fire. Your children are inside. And isn't it crazy, you, are not trying to put it out!".

My own house is also very much on fire and has been burning fiercely for 60 years. On a moonless night the fire can light up the whole valley just like Trinity. 

Can I change my attitude to the world. Am I going to extinguish the fire in my house. Will I stop trying to escape from that by fuelling a billion other fires across the road instead?

Is a transformation possible that can do these things - the only real evolution?