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Seize the Assets, Own the Coin

See here for how easy it is to capture money launderers on a blockchain compared to the traditional channels which require a trusted third party(bank) to manage double spending.

How Law Enforcement Tracked Millions’ Worth of Illicit Bitcoin in the Harmon Brothers Cases

What is so curious about this is that the US's largest official tax collector is now legal owner of the wallets containing the crypto being laundered. Because they seized them officially via a judge as the proceeds of crime. They say they've "managed to recover most of the crypto".

This is weird because given they now legally own those assets, no doubt about it, they have 100% perfect 'quality of evidence'. Which another judge could use to order crypto miners to sign over the remainder they believe they cannot recover, into a new block with their own new addresses to which they have the keys!

There is no legal case with greater quality of evidence possible. The case would be a formality.

Isn't it remarkable how the psyche of beliefs possessing us all if we don't Pay Attention, blinds even the greatest minds. Particularly the most intellectual. And unaccountably impoverishes our households if nature so chooses, yet we jealously blame wealth and power after having not paid attention. 

This is another good client for Tohonesty to attempt to engage in a highly profitable Digital Assets Recovery case. The main challenge we have is getting in the door

"Who the hell are you? Don't you know that if you don't have the keys, you don't have the coin, you idiot" the response we get every time. So be it - who is the real idiot? 

The other challenge we've yet to attend to is the second order effects of each viable case. Will a judge be willing to cross the Rubicon and order miners to sign over millions if this is seen by them as a landmark event. The effects on those already balls deep in crypto who are not always criminals but often wealth and power might be significant. And right now given the law does not fully understand crypto there is no confidence in actions taken, in spite of there being plenty of legal certainty.

The astonishing thing about our business is that we don't worry about giving away our business secret - because only coin owners paying attention see it as useful. And they are the ones who stand to gain millions. The vast majority of experts and consultants write off our recovery method as impossible, leaving us to run free in every respect. We don't even need marketing.