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What Remains, With Thought Suspended

Who is complicit in the world's problems?

Wealth and Power or We the People or Me?

In the final analysis who really chooses?

Do I do it all because I want it and cannot face that choice honestly, hiding behind ideals?

Did I put wealth and power there, deliberately? 

Or was I manipulated by their telepathic powers?

Did they reach into my mind, at a distance, and change it for me? That would certainly make them God's I should bow to, by proper right. What better power deserves my submission?

If it was not their telepathic power, and I did not freely select them, how did they get there and maintain their evil power the activist keeps telling me to fight?

Is the world I create many times daily, a perfect exposition of them... or me? 

Is it a mix of the two, where if I win it's all fine and if I lose they are evil?

Is it really both and I try to escape it with all the childish worldviews my thought creates using the power of intellect?

Thought: Name the thing which creates my memories?

Knowledge: Name the thing which is all my memories collected.

Fear: Name the thing that is driven by my knowledge about the past and what my future holds?

Consciousness: Name the thing that encompasses the totality of my fear? 

Violence: name the thing which is the result of consciousness dividing the world into those who are brothers and the others who are aliens we can kill with impunity.

Who am I. Where do I come from. Where am I going? 

Am I the world. Is the world me? Psychologically...

In the end do I choose violence, willingly, and make a spectacular display of saving the planet. And then deny it?

Could I call that activity - 'the movement of thought'?

What shall be done? 

Shall we look at it? Really really look at it, to see what is actually here?

With thought suspended. Thought, the source of violence. The creator of my world.

Is what we 'think' of as God, what is left, once all thought has been suspended?