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Climate Change Mania - A Genuine Visionary Rumour?

I get it as a climate sceptic. The manufactured consensus, by scientists whose family mortgage obviously comes first before the science. And our academies of learning today are fashionably largely anti capitalist. So the authentic scientist is in a very difficult place morally.

But why devote any more energy to the resistance to this political corruption if we know that is hopeless? The whole world is now bought into the climate crisis narrative in spite of there being only models using poor inputs and hopeless outputs. In spite of it being a manufactured scientific consensus.

We're told there's no more science to do, so even the scientist has only one pathway to choose from - fame and fortune in saving the planet. Else the mortgage cannot be paid.

It's game over this time for sceptics. The great masse has decided through a successful political campaign of fear about our existance. Even if overwhelming evidence emerged that it's a terrific mistake, who would know?

Is there an innovative approach or change of attitude which will be more fruitful to science? Can science be rescued and public debate rekindled with something that will heal the collective now suffering a devastating neurosis?

I do not know. When in this position, I usually look to 'the wise old man' for guidance.

I think the scare story about our existence is a good exposition of what Carl Jung called a 'visionary rumour'. An objective, scientific fact. But, of the collective psyche. That is, the great masse really needs this rumour or narrative, but for some other genuine material reason they cannot or are not willing or permitted to find the language for. Very much like a schizophrenic patient who sees and hears things which are very much true to them but cannot be seen in the material world. These visions are a fact, to the patient, they absolutely happen to them. There's no escaping this for the doctor. We know the patient is experiencing it.

But this patient doesn't need a doctor pedalling CO2 drugs. It desperately needs a healer. The inner self of this massive patient needs to be healed by somehow integrating it back into the whole of the world again. By understanding what exactly is disintegrating it in the first place. 

In the late 1940's people had managed to survive the 100 million deaths of the war, only to be faced with a new technology in atomic power which by no means so close to the war felt safe yet. Especially as the peace was essentially lost already by both the east and the west in the form of a cold war. So from its unconscious, Jung's hypothesis goes, the collective adopted a visionary rumour, in salvific technological form, with the power to save the world. A messianic saviour to the rescue was so strongly needed by the people as a whole, it appeared to many and curiously  was not moderated by media or government. The vision came from the skies in mandala form - with the capacity to make the patient whole again. Though this rumour could not be proven true, millions believed it was. No it's much more than that. The collective of people acting with a life of its own, urgently needed it to be true because this was a genuine crisis. This psychic union of people expressed their existential fear in the only way they could, as the phenomenon of UFO's.

Jung was a sceptic as are we. But he didn't get so far in his science and then stop when what he found ran counter to the consensus.