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Get Ready for Global Decentralised Ecash With a Change of Attitude

In the blockchain world there are generally two sects: 

  1. crypto - the dominant but not authentic one, driving greed and power
  2. ecash - the minnow and original protocol with no get rich quick features

The latter is in the habit of behaving like a spoilt child because its not winning and everything is so unfair in the game in which it willing partakes knowing all the rules of life at the start already. I think this is learned behaviour from its more well known figures. It is possessed by an ultra poor attitude, that if it proceeds, will bury it, out of sight, forever. 

The former, though adopted largely by good citizens just trying to make a living, is also at the root a very poor performer indeed when the whole of the world is accounted for. This is not because its inherently crooked per se. Its because being crooked is the worse alternative,... in the end. It is less profitable. Is this anything new though? Has there ever been a time and place where this has not been the progress of humanity?

I love this world. And the people and other life, including the rocks and dust. I love the whole of consciousness, including that of the sun. I'm very lucky to have been born to see it. I do not believe there are any existential problems in this material world, for anyone. There's more wealth available today, per person, despite an increasing population, than in all of history. It is so great. There is no shortage of anything. Nor is the world in any danger from humanity. At all. This is my view of the world. ITs what I see when Ive suspended all my beliefs about it for long enough to look at it. Especially my jealousy of others who've won better than me in the game of life.

I'm merely saying that we could do even better. With the right attitude. And if we're truly serious about it. So what is my point here with blockchain tech?

I'm saying that eventually the ultimately poorer performing yet currently majority leader blockchains will eventually die by implication. If they are shit, compared to the rest, its inevitable. That is how markets work when left to nature.

So its time for ecash to get hyper ready to be the only utility providing blockchain for when the crypto narrative is finally broken and the crooked ones die. I mean to really really get ready and not to wait until the time comes. Who was it who once said "Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning"?


There will come a time when the underlying nature of crypto is exposed and no longer protectable by wealth and power. A trigger event. One of those viral ones where not even the most powerful institutions can stop it growing like a firestorm. 

This is likely to be during the next great recession, possibly during 2026 give or take a year or so. Crytpo might even be its trigger.

This devastating loss of confidence will send all blockchains towards zero, not to mention financial markets and house prices(which are essentially the same thing). And waken the regulators to act. Possibly banning all chains. Even if this power action is unjust, blockchain tech is quite likely to be used as a scapegoat for the greed of homeowners and banks once again.

So ecash which works, will find itself unjustly caught up in censorship, even if you mine only for fees and utility and don't pre-mine for yourself. You will find yourselves also heading very fast toward zero along with CZ, who will also be going to jail. Do you want to be caught up in 'going to jail too?

So what can ecash Bticoin do during this global paroxysm? 

Get ready for it! Better than everyone else. Very much better. Not necessarily with better tech. But a better vision which people of the world can see with clarity. Showing how ecash is purely ultra cheap global micropayments for utility transactions - what the world has been screaming out for since the dawn of the Internet. Keep it simple. 

This must be done with the right attitude. You must get rid of your childish complaints. Stop associating with anyone no mater how junior or senior who has a poor attitude to the world we're compelled to live in.

With a change of attitude you can grow up. And in the mean time make yourselves readier than anyone has been ready before, for the coming ecash boom. Focus simply on what makes ecash different, how it can help the whole world recover from the great recession compared to the crooked chains.

Keep it simple. People will lose your message if it goes more than one layer deep. Certainly if you are complaining like a spoiled child they will not come near you. 

I'm sorry the timing of this is not tomorrow morning. I'm sorry this will mean that Bitcoin will not go to the moon again. I'm sorry you will not get rich quick. I'm sorry this means a lot of work invested up front with no guarantee of reward. I'm sorry there will be no bail out if you fail. 

I'm sorry about all of that. Everything will depend on your attitude from right now and until you are needed.

Until then you must stop complaining about the crypto narrative, that it has no utility or doesn't scale and is full of crooks etc etc. That is the attitude of the spoilt child who cannot have their sweeties. Who certainly will lose eventually and take you down with them.

That is life. Change your attitude toward it. And live. Get ready in every way possible for the ecash boom.