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How to Change Your Attitude and Secure Your Household Ready for the Next Recession

Try to think of the world as something that you created and belonging to you. 

Say to yourself: "I am the world". Meditate on it if you like. Pray for it even. I don't care. Just say it to yourself and say it like you really mean it. Keep doing it over the course of a week.

You don't have to believe it literally. It is just a belief. 

You're trying to change the way you think, such that your attitude to an inevitably corrupt material world, can adapt towards it. In a way that secures the future of your children, family and household. 

And maybe even more than all that. But without changing the world you have created first, are you really so arrogant to think you will succeed in change anyone else's world?

Metanoia. Is a greek word which means 'to change one's mind, fundamentally'. More than that, it means 'perception' - to instantly see the world for what it really is.

So, try to think of the world as something that you created and belonging to you. So much so that it feels like "I am the world".

Imagine what it means for the Buddhist to meditate, though how poorly they do that. Or how the Christian prays, and ditto for the successes there. Make this change of mind a regular, yet very simple, repeating activity. 

Do it with authenticity, really mean it. Be serious about it for the first time in your life. Do not imagine it is as a place you will get to in time if only you could try harder. On each attempt make that the first time - perceive it.

You don't have to make it a religious or spiritual activity. For that will cause you to create images and ideals of judgement to condemn and justify which you can then easily escape back into. Thereby leaving an authentic view of your own world, over a metaphysical and scary frontier still.

Look at this world you created and belonging to you as beyond a frontier over which you are forbidden to travel. Just like the one in the original Planet of the Apes. Theres a very good reason the old world forbids you from going over ... it does very well by nurturing the fear causing you to stop at the threshold. 

It allows you unconsciously to continue to harm your sisters and brothers in the old material world, so that you can keep taking the goodies cheaply and at great cost to others, without you realising you're even doing it. Is there anything more valuable than what that fear gives you?

So keep your perception on the world you have created and which belongs entirely to you. And God willing, you will make good way. 

Sure. There are no guarantees. It is extremely risky. But do you really want to know. How serious are you really about the future of your children? You are trying to change your world. What else could it possibly be but dangerous.

You must become the hero, in your own adventure. You must risk even your psychological life. If you think about it with extreme care, that is a bigger thing than your material life by far. Your material life is made just of things, stuff, trinkets. Your psychic life IS your world. And its one which you have created so belongs to you. This means it is entirely in your power to change it, immediately.

Imagine you finally make this perception happen and how that will play out in the real world for you. You will have saved your world and your children will remember you with honour for it. What better reward is there? 

And if you don't find the courage to cross over the frontier, you will quickly be forgotten by them.

If you can work out from the point of recognising that "I created this world, it belongs to me, the good and the bad, for better or for worse", and change your attitude directly towards it, that will give you the best chance of making it through the 2026 Great Recession