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I am Violent. What Helps Me Escape From Seeing My Violence?

My beliefs, are what helps me to escape from my violence. 

My beliefs tell me: 

"believe me, and you will be permitted to do this much violence, free from punishment"

Is this always true and if so why am I never aware of it?

"Because my beliefs will make sure I forget about it, before I've observed it, so I will never know. I will have this belief or that belief. I promise to protect myself from complicity through my belief. All I have to do is believe"

How will my beliefs protect me from punishment?

"No one will punish me because everyone has the same kinds of beliefs with identical forms of protectionism. It gets better, everyone will close ranks if they see me in danger of observing what my beliefs are actually doing"

How does a belief protect me?

"Through judgement. Things going against my belief will be judged with condemnation of the whats really there or a competing belief, giving you the right to do violence to either with impunity. Things supporting my belief will be judged with justification, justifying my violence. My belief is self-supporting" 

What sort of beliefs am I talking about?

"All of them, anything that can be believed and is not directly observed. Socialism, capitalism, planet saving, the left, the right, the party, the uni-party. That taxation is needed, that welfare is needed, that charity is needed. That there are too many people in the world, that nature cannot support a growing population. That the world is running out of everything. That wealth and power are evil and I am not. That nature has laws. That nature knows anything about equality. That nature cares more about humanity. That humanity is destroying the world, that UFOs are coming to save us. Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Your favourite political party. Marxism, Georgism, libertarianism. Whatever is informing my thought and moves around so quickly I can no longer see it doing that. All beliefs help me to be violent for free and as a nice little bonus, help me escape from complicity in my violence"

Does this mean I must end my beliefs?

"No. Just observe them and watch them 'moving' around while they inform your thought. Remember, I have submitted myself to my beliefs so to that extent my thoughts now possess me. You can still observe this happening. Do not judge them by justification. Do not judge them by condemnation. Just watch them happening. Watch them moving around. Identify the direct link between my beliefs and my violence. Watch this happening"

But politicians, professors, pundits and priests go to great lengths to show me this is untrue?

"This is the power of intellect. My intellect is used in the biggest way to provide additional beliefs which help me to escape more deeply into fantasy. The more I start to recognise the source of my violence, the more my intellect is devoted to covering that up with more intense beliefs. Please don't ask me to convince you of this. You, only have to look at it with extreme care and you will see it happening, without expert help. It is just there, moving around, in front of you. Just look directly at it, while holding your beliefs in suspension for long enough to see it running along."

That sounds very hard to do. It sounds crazy and a I don't think I should speak about it any more?

"Of course it is. I am trying to bring everything cosy about the world I have created under serious scrutiny for the first time. I am essentially trying to change my world. What else could it be but very hard? Am I crazy or is that my violent belief coming to my defence, once again?"

Can I go to my leaders and ask them for help?

"When I rise to a high seat in society, even the highest seat, THAT is when my intellect will be at its strongest, most active and most useful of all - in showing me how to escape from my violence. Because wealth and power are who I appeal to most of all when I need to escape. My violence justified by my beliefs is exactly why I submitted my freedom to the power of my leaders. They are a proxy for my violence. I created them and they belong to me, in totality"

Saul Goodman above in the image, is the fictional anti hero in a great work of television art. The authors seem to be telling us how violent he is. But in spite of the authors, art is saying: 

"Look at Saul. He might be violent. But he's no more violent than all the other characters who walk around behind a veil of saving the world, like that family couple. 

So why don't you take a good hard look at that. Do it without judgement and without using whatever are your beliefs to escape?"