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The Trustless Society

People who associate in a trustless way are not groups who don't trust each other. They're groups where trust is no longer required, while maintaining or improving the current system in play. It's all relative.

A trustless society is not a better one per se, and it might be.

An example of a trustless system is the original Bitcoin protocol. Which allows cash transactions to take place, yet without a trusted intermediary - a bank, to check you were not double spending, had the funds and to maintain a secure system. The technical details can be found very well put in the original white paper. Sadly for cryptocurrency technology, anarchists and crooks jointly took over the protocols software development and removed all features that made Bitcoin useful as a technology for the world. And a mint for undermining the law by anonymity and getting rich quick. Ho hum. A Blockchain still exists which conforms to the original protocol. But it's not the dominant one by far. And it's the only one out of thousands of blockchains which does do the original design intent.

Back to the main point of this post, prior to the plandemic I think its not contravertial to say we lived in a relatively trustful society. Where in order to make an exchange, do a trade or interact in any way where trust was needed to make it all flow successfully, you typically needed to meet the other side of a deal. You needed to share the same volume of air conspired and the same local space touched and felt.

And likewise, post plandemic, we have moved sharply though not totally to a trustless one, where people associate and trade, without meeting and looking into the eyes of our counterparty - or somehow using the instincts gained from a million years of evolution, to assure trust.

The point is, that now, we are far more trustless, but...there is no additional technology or social technique we can devote to not requiring as much trust to fill the gap we leapt over spanning the great plague.

Today, post plandemic, we have to trust our peers on faith. Far more than before!