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The British Bomb and How Imaginary Worldviews Nearly Wasted It

I'm going to tell you about the British Bomb and how images all of us create to define the world and then worship, nearly wasted the enormous effort that went into building it. And the subsequent devastating losses that would have followed for the nation.

Let's be clear. This is not an attack on the Left. The worshipped image of the left is used coincidentally. And could easily have been in other scenarios any other of the myriad of images we create and worship to escape reality. What I'm trying to make clear is that the image itself is driving the nation into the ground because we worship the image as truth and have lost the ability to see what is really there.

I've been researching the British bomb in WWII and after. Fascinating stuff. The scientists employed at the head of it were incredibly intelligent (Patrick Blackett, A.V.Hill etc) They were also very proud of the socialism image they had created and worshipped and which led their thought more than anything else. So much so that the cost of, and time taken to deliver the bomb was so much greater, often threatening to end the project prematurely. Following their eventual success they doubled down on the image of socialism they'd been worshipping, regularly claiming corrupt power or competing aristocratic images were the reason we had not wasted less on the project.

The greatest intellect in the land had devoted most of its energy, not for the nation, not for the working class, not for the oppressed, but in a childish competitive game - their image of socialism versus the evil image of the empire. The image of the empire also being another form of the same kind of intellectual stupidity of creating an image then worshipping the image and not attending to the problem at hand because the belief is that the image is truth.

Neither of the 'worshipping children' here, either on the left or the right, had the wisdom, in spite of the enormous intellect, to suspend the images they'd both created, for long enough to build this astonishing device cheaply and quickly. Instead, those possessed by images nearly cost the nation the war.

The same childish intellect will now say "Good! We stopped the bomb from being created." But this is attacking a strawman. The bomb was going to built anyway. It's simply that huge resources were wasted on that inevitability thanks to the images, which otherwise could have been devoted to say, the Red Cross, at no greater cost!

Here, is an exposition of how a worldview can place the whole of the world in danger. Without anyone even realising it for their entire life. And how all problems we face, no matter which image of the world we worship, are because of the competition between these stupid, childish world views. The worlds problems are not primarily to do with wealth and power.