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Who Said There Was Anything Wrong With a Worldview?

Who Said There Was Anything Wrong With a Worldview?

I didn't. But it's when I believe my worldview, is truth, that I become violent without realising it. This is extremely hard for people to accept as possible. The resistance to seeing it and the temptation to escape from looking, is built into its foundations. So, I never said worldviews are bad for us. I did say that when I believe my worldview is a fact, then "I" become root cause of the worlds problems.

Thought creates an image of the world. Then thought worships the image that thought created.

I am scared of death. So I create an existential worldview about immortality - an image. This can be a God, a political ideology, scientific religiosity, atheism, planet saving activism, anything which my fear of death can hide behind. So if I do 'good' through this image I created, I will ultimately get a 'seat on the right hand side of God', or whatever the image I created has defined as heaven. Then I worship it as if its a fact and quickly forget its just an image I created. With this function complete I can proceed to save the world, my fear of death now hidden away deep.

Think about it though - the image I created promises a reward for doing good. The image I created gives me credit for doing good. Why do I expect a reward for doing good. Should I not already be doing good in spite of the image I created. Is the image I created so attractive because it also allows me to worship myself?

My God, is better than your God.

Now, there will be many competing worldviews which help escape the fear of death and have a built in resistance to being looked at objectively. But, the one I worship is more important than all the rest, it told me so when I created it. My image is extremely precious to me. I am to all intents possessed by it. This is what is known as the demon archetype. This image I created will be more important than anything else for me, even than money, celebrity, social acceptance or even having enough food, water and shelter. Even more important to me than my world. My worldview is better than your worldview because it protects me personally and helps me to escape death.

The war to end all wars.

So I will defend my image jealously. Sometimes even sending my children to die for it in useless wars where I'm clueless about the cause. If someone else's image of the world becomes generally more popular in society, my own image might no longer be strong enough to hide my fear of death. The stronger other images are relative to mine the more my fear of death is likely to re-emerge. And I'll be faced with the dragon once again. Am I strong enough? If not I will rather send my children to die to keep that fear buried away deep behind the image I created. The image I created to escape the fear of death has made me violent. Yet I am no longer aware of it. When I created the image I built in the resistance to looking at it objectively with an easy escape route.

Democracy is no panacea. It is what I make of it.

So, I never said worldviews are bad for us. I did say that when I believe my worldview is a fact, then "I" become root cause of the worlds problems.


  1. On that basis there is not, nor can there be, any such thing as truth, but only competing narratives. That is the Post-Modernist position.

    1. That is called attacking a strawman.

      It is also a good exposition of a worldview assisting your escape from reality. And allowing you not to face the dragon. As it was designed to do when you created it. I speak about this activity in the post so thank you for reinforcing my point.

      Now, if you were to look at the world, with all worldviews suspended, what would you see? This is the steelman.


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