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Farmers Asking for Protection Money

I own land, give money. Today in my veg box, I received a circular telling me how 20 years of damaging run off caused by poor farming practice is caused by climate change. And then asking for public money to fix it.

Now, is 20 years long enough statistically to prove scientifically it was climate change? A primary school student would know it is a lie designed to cause fear. As if the world needs to be scared any more by political animals.

Harm the land through bad farming management and practices
Scare everyone to death that the cause of the harmed land is climate change
Demand protection money to put it straight

This is the recent political call of land owning interest Mr Guy Watson former owner and now manager of Riverford Organic foods.

Just like a ganster, scaring people into coughing up their hard earned.

What he fails to mention is as a land owner, he would get all the protection money, not the farmer who pulls a plough. Would he pass that on to the farm hand though in higher wages?

Nor does he mention this protection money would be paid out of taxation. This would hit the poor farm hand much harder than the land owner who in the end pays no tax once he's clawed it all back in unearned selling price rise.

It's not clear if Mr Watson is scaring people with climate change doctrine simply to get more money or if he's doesn't realise his politics is that of a spoiled child who cannot have his sweeties.