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I went to an old political sparring partners 80th party recently? 

After my friend left I dived in. There was a huddle of us, mostly hard core, life long, once highly seated Labour party members. As I often make clear, I have no political affiliation but I do like to keep my hand in with as many tribes as possible, so must partake in their rituals to be able to understand them.

I posed a question, as a genuine fig leaf, cap in hand really wanting to understand what the hell was this Labour party anti semitism all about for goodness sake. "Tell me, I'm listening. Is it true. Is it fake news? Come on, defend yourselves and tell me it's bullshit".

Before I'd asked we were all happily chatting away without a care. 

The response was astonishing. I received a huge shadow attack, declaring Jews, Zion, Israel, whatever, as evil alien beings to be exterminated. It was an uncompromising exposition of hatred. Absolute and unconditional hatred.

These characters are life long Marxists and communists, I'm not sure if that has any bearing on the anti semitism. What was remarkable was there was no holding back, no covering up, no pretending. They could not have shone a brighter light on their feelings.

Here's the thing. Here in parts of the Labour party, alive and kicking, we have a perfect example of where the new and unjust hate laws could do their business very quickly bringing so called justice with minimal further evidence and effort required. Right here, right now, this law, no matter how ignorant and unjust, could prove it's worth immediately, by sending kings counsel directly to their headquarters and drag the leadership before the justices for judgement. Remembering the current party leader was director of public prosecutions during Rotherham's muslim child rape scandal, in which he said there was no evidence because the victims were drugged up and to minimise islamaphobia. So there is little hope of rooting them out.

New laws only seem to apply to particular classes, races and sexes. They are no longer universal.

A new genocide beckons. It seems the world is creating the next ' visionary rumour', which needs a new genocide, wants it, desires it.