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Nuclear Myths 101

Didcot power station on the horizon about 3/4 to the right is about 10 miles from Ipsden here. If a 1 megaton bomb were dropped there and you faced the fireball you'd get third degree burns on a clear day. Hide behind the car and you'd be totally safe. Neutrons would not get anywhere near that far, nor would the blast. Just wait for the shock wave to arrive in 50 seconds. Sure, if the wind was a westerly, you'd be in trouble within a few hours from fallout if there were no decent shelter a few feet thick.


  1. Fallout would only be a real threat if it was a surface burst. But Didcot is not a hardened military target so it would be an air burst with little immediate large particle fallout. Most would be very fine dust carried by the stratosphere for several weeks.


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