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Speak Truth to Everyone. Be Everyones Advocate

Everything is a conspiracy, a duality, another false dichotomy

  • either of unjust power and hierarchy, masking the underlying imaginary conspiracy
  • or of incompetent central planning for the greater good, masking the underlying imaginary conspiracy

The conspiracy exists, but only as malign images created by both competing sides, in a false battle, seeking power.

Where the reality is a unified world, being avoided and helped along by the battle for overall power by the images we created and then worshipped. 

For example, different races or national borders today, are an absurdity. We have advanced enough to know, for certain, that foreigners are just humans like we are. Yet we still create images of a divided world needing protection and then worship those images. This worship incites us to treat foreigners as aliens still. It is the image we created and now worship - a collective mental health psychosis. 

This mental disease spills over into other localised and proximate ideologies fighting for the power, in the topical popular forms of sexism, homophobia, transphobia and what have you. All are power grabs of insecure collective groups, fighting for the spoils from winning. None make an attempt to look beyond power, to unity.

This is not to say open up all borders. It is to say, all else being equal, there is nothing to fear from open borders. All there is to fear are the false images we create and then worship, which lead to violence against others who are identical in every way to us. It is the images we create and then worship which cause the violence at the root, not nationality. Evidence? Look to every nation internally and locally and you will find identical internal images matching ours fighting for local power. So there is no escaping it, the image e create and then worship make us violent, not our silly, childish imaginary borders.

So there are two sides, in a false battle, who both believe fanatically, they have truth. Point this out gracefully to either side, and they place you with the opposition, simply because you do not believe their 'God'. Even if you manage to break through with someone intelligent, they will not oppose you, but sensibly just stop talking about it ever again. We've seen this with outcomes of the pandemic slowly being revealed.Smart people don't create a controversy about it, they simply pretend it never happened.

The cause is not right wing free speech or left wing do-gooding. It is the competition for power between two sides in a false dichotomy of power grabbing. Why are the only ever two sides not three or more with any chance of moving the people? Because that is the most efficient configuration. One side would be unity so doesn't count, all problems are much easier to resolve when we all believe in unity. More that two means a difficult choice because it requires deep thought and inevitable compromise.

This does not signify a one party state in the least. But a NO PARTY state. Where even a thousand party's no longer conspire for power. The party is no longer about acquiring power. It is about much higher things.

Alas, both sides in our world of dualities are trapped in an imaginary false battle between each other. The consequences are always worse than the alternative. Without both sides, things would be so much better. This is not to say all problems would be resolved. It is to say what problems remain, would be that much easier to resolve, now were' not wasting the worlds enormous power to produce wealth by destroying it all with bombs. There's no shortage of anything in the world anymore. Its not even that the distribution of wealth is so unjust any more. It is that we're all still jealous of those who have more of it than we do, even if we have plenty already - 'they toil not, nor do they spin'

Neither are prepared to look at the possibility both are wrong. Both garner a strong following because they are so attractive through the cosy blanket of protection they always promise. The guarantee you no longer need to do work to live. Reality is so much harder to follow - that there are no guarantees on earth. There will always be a struggle and that struggle and how we cope with it, is what makes us. The welfare state for example, removes the struggle, robbing the lowest groups of people economically of their last bastion of hope. 

The more power given to the weaker recipient, the more relatively that power will be abused. So when you hear the clarion calls "speak truth to power" or "bringing power to account" it must be fully distrusted as part of this false battle. The call should be "speak truth to weakness" or "hold the weak to account", because it is the weak who abuse power in the greatest relative amount. This is not to say the powerful do not also abuse it. When power is abused by the powerful, these powers are already a proxy for the weak anyway. They are acting on behalf of one of the two sides in a false battle for power, where one side wins and the other loses.

So ideally SPEAK TRUTH TO EVERYONE. No exceptions. No special privileges.