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Who is the Legal Inventor of Bitcoin AKA Satoshi Nakamoto. And Why is it Important to Know if you Own Real Estate?

I'm going to tell you about why it's important to understand this question, well enough to be able to make independent decisions for the benefit of your own household, should your path ever cross into the crypto space, within the next three years. There's quite a bit of psychology in this piece, my apologies. But in the end, that is what this all revolves around. If you want to win, you have to go to dark places as well as the light. And the unification of both is where a locked door, now opens.

Why am I telling you about this now? Because something has recently got underway and might determine the future of crypto:

  • COPA versus Wright legal battle to essentially prove legally if Wright is Satoshi Nakamato, the mythical inventor of Bitcoin or not

The question about Craig Wright and Satoshi is fraught with controversy. Delving into it means you will face a lot of propaganda attempting to direct your thought on the topic, if you don't pay careful attention. It's a controversy because of the many factions(chains) fighting each other to get rich quick from a ground breaking technology. Not to mention that the technology inherently positions a duality of fierce political world views against each other in an existential 'political battle to the death'. The question is a very serious matter taking in a good deal of complexity, in which all sides will tend to misdirect anyone who chooses not to remain awake. People!

You know my view on people who allow themselves to become possessed by an ideology where thought gets informed by both sides in a political duality. And once possessed the poor soul is no longer unaware they are no longer in control of what they think is true. If you find yourself believing one or the other side, you will be gambling recklessly with the future of your household or business. By one or the other side I mean either pro or anti central banks or the state. This is the battle ground for Bitcoin. Take either position and put those around you in danger. I would urge you always take the totality of it all very seriously by understanding what is actually happening, with your mind remaining free from any of these childish world views and suspending any of these belief systems for long enough to see what is really there.

The following is worth a read:

"If you consider what most cryptocurrency proponents [2] are trying to do, you will see an attempt to exclude governments and rights and create a system that cannot be controlled outside the dictation of technocratic developers. Many criminal groups want such a scenario. Unfortunately for them, Bitcoin was designed to provide the opposite outcome."

For it's technical merit alone, which is first class. But, as always, there is politics leading everything way beyond any tech on if you want to place your own knowledge of how Bitcoin will play out, way ahead of the crypto mobs on either side of the statist or anarchist world.

So what is the political nature of Bitcoin causing this storm? The conspiracy theory goes, that Meta, Block, Big Tech, and credit card companies are terrified of the original Bitcoin protocol getting adopted by the mainstream and usurping Bitcoin Core. Core is currently the most popular chain which differs widely from the original in question. The above staggeringly powerful monopolies are terrified, not because they would be out of business. But because they would then likely be running as a 'side chain', on top of this Blockchain at best. The old guard of unjust monopoly power would now be slave to the new guard.

Whatever your politics, and whomever you believe is Satoshi is not really relevant in the end. The tech is. And the original protocol lying in the background largely unused is the only one which works well at very high scale, is ultra cheap to use, uses less energy than traditional transaction banking and...well...actually just works. Where the rest of all of cryptocurrencies are either scams or if less so, instruments of financial speculation, which is fine if it's just gambling after all. The point is that profit is not the aim per se. Monopoly power is. And if the original Blockchain of Dr Wright succeeds, it would own the monopoly, the old guard now being it's slaves. In a spectacular power transfer.

Of course, Dr Wright being legally made the inventor by court order and successfully seeing that his original protocol gets adopted mainstream is a huge threat to the incumbent monopolies challenging him in court. But why else would they bring a costly civil case against a Blockchain no one really uses yet? Likewise, why would the defendant be so confident about winning?

The old guard must make sure this superb technology... gets shelved. History testifies well to repeat activity identical to this. And to be fair, protagonists on both sides have always been equally complicit. I'm wondering if this will be yet another iteration where human nature steals defeat from the jaws of victory, both sides blaming each other as the ship goes down.

There's a big court case underway, aka COPA versus Wright et al, to legally prove the author of the piece above, is the inventor of the original untampered Bitcoin protocol (Satoshi Nakamoto). I wonder why such a powerful group wants to take out Dr. Wright. If he wins things will get really juicy. Because big tech and credit card businesses' staggering monopoly, market cornering and price setting will be in grave danger, if the original Blockchain ever gets adopted. Big if. If he loses no one will care and it will all pass by, Blockchain tech quite likely fading out of sight forever, unless sense can be restored to its biggest supporters who can act independantly of Dr. Wright.

COPA stands for Crypto Open Patent Alliance and are the claimant in the largest of the cases. The defendant being Dr. Craig Wright. Mr. Justice Mellor is alluding that the case rests not on the IP rights, so much as proving legally if Dr. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for what the crypto narrative believes is the inventor of the original Bitcoin protocol and author of the early 2008 white paper. Wright has always tried to keep a low profile as the potential Satoshi so it's a fascinating collective psyche, a projection, when his opponents allege the opposite.

COPA et al is made up from many parties: Big Tech, crypto exchanges, even developers of the leading market capitalised protocol BTC(Bitcoin Core) who it is alleged have a fiduciary responsibility to users and are not free to act to change the protocol willy nilly or by front running, of course! This is a big angry group with staggering resources against a single defendant. That proves nothing of course but is a signal I'm not sure Mr. Justice Mellor is obliged to account for.

And to intensify the entertainment, a few weeks ago Dr. Wright was fired from nChain, the legal owner of all the original IP, during a whistleblowing scandal where it's newish CEO, with a track record for activist planet saving within corporations grassed up a number of employees following some attempts he claims to attend to discrepencies were ignored. I was also surprised to hear from highly seated insiders and former supporters who no longer like Dr. Wright and see him as standing in the way of his own groundbreaking Blockchain protocol, and are pleased he got fired and hope he loses in COPA, merely to get him out of the way of progress - they care about the tech and tend toward the anarchistic libertarian. Whereas Wright tends to be more aligned with stateful activity. I have a feeling this faction is developer centric anarcho capitalist, so it's difficult to take them seriously if so because their thought as stated above will be getting led by ideology rather than fact. To be fair, likewise for Dr. Wright with whom I've spoken many times and can clearly see through the ideology informing his thought too on the other side of the ideological battlefield.

The curious thing is, during pre trial hearing, a British judge, Mr. Justice Mellor, is for the first time after many lost cases for Dr. Wright, demanding the court pay attention to how past judges have not considered Dr. Wright's high autistic spectrum neuro diversity. And is pointing this out to the claimant with clarity. The judge is also a former engineer and IP expert so for the first time someone who has a chance of understanding how crypto works enough to rule more accurately. Potentially. 

The other curious thing is that anarchist developers are siding with Big Tech against Dr. Wright. Given Big Tech is a virtual private state already this unholy alliance is telling and reinforces the dangers mentioned above about submitting any of your freedom to an all possessing ideology.

External to the trial itself, second order effects of Wright being proven legally the inventor of Bitcoin stand to significantly disrupt crypto markets by breaking the crypto narrative to some degree. Much of this market is invested in by a litany of criminals, politicians and you guessed it - Big Tech. How much pressure this powerful faction is able to bring to bear on Britain's Royal Courts of Justice, along High Holborn, in the words greatest city, remains to be seen, especially if Wright is looking likely to be found by the law to be the authentic Satoshi.

It's so exciting. Largely because the outcome has so much potential to bring about huge disruption in many fields of high import to the whole of the world of social organisation and how that distributes massive sudden increases in productive power. My regular readers know this is right up my street. They also know I'm forecasting a global financial 'correction' for central banking in about 3 years. So the timing could not be better, if a new method for the people of the world to make speedy, cheap, secure transactions, while also taking out of the global economy an enormously inefficient systemic monopoly, rises emergent. It sounds a bit like nature putting right what human institutions refuse.

Sure, this only means a new monopoly will have replaced an old one. But for the time being, the increased productive power this new monopoly brings will act for a time like a huge labour saving device, essentially meaning yet more wealth can be created with even less inputs of capital and work than ever before. I dream. I am, a foolish dreamer.

And that can only mean one thing. Location, location, location, heard it before? The more productive an economy becomes, the greater the demand for a location to do it all on. It's not possible to create wealth in this universe without a secure place to do it. And the locations where the most wealth is being created is where the location value will rise the most of all. House prices, commercial real estate will rise relative to all else to the extent of the increased productivity, because the demand for it has just increased. These valuable locations are everything. More than the most exceptional technology. More than the hardest working and intelligent entrepreneur. More than any protectionism intellectual property delivers. Location value is all!

I promised to tell you precisely why it is important to know who legally is the inventor of Bitcoin. Knowing this will help you to confidently and independently make rational and winning financial decisions, fully securing your household for your descendants. Particularly when faced with the upcoming great recession in 2026.