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CBDC's and the Internecine Battle Between Central and Commercial Banks.

I think I'm beginning to understand why theres so much confusion and misinformation/disinformation surrounding CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies).

There seems to be a growing internecine battle between central bank authority and commercial bank privileged interests.

That is:

  • Central banks fear they are losing their control of monetary policy using  traditional means
  • Commercial banks fear they will lose their lucrative loans business with a digital currency
This comes out in a hidden way in the language used in the documentation used - one has to read between the lines when one spots an out of context phrase or allegation. 

I think this is why both sides in the battle have not found a way to get their position across in a way that common people can understand.

Anyone with a strong understand of the original Bitcoin protocol already knows both sides would be satisfied if they adopted its use fully. 

But both sides are only aware of the 'crypto' protocols used by the dominant blockchains today, which are in no way Bitcoin.

And so it goes...