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The Rentenmark, and Hyperbitcoinization


I liked your piece on HBC.

Tl;dr Your bold forecast of a sea change in central banking has history. 

The Weimar Republic in 1923 we all know was hyper inflating from money created for loans needed to pay off the stupid unredeemable reparations to France and Britain and ultimately the US banks. The bank CEO Hjalmer Schacht adopted a new token, called the Rentenmark, a sort of stablecoin backed by the value of commercial real estate. (See attached for my own original note). They saw, though were ideologically opposed to, the actuality that the income stream called economic rent is the largest, most robust and stabilising asset of all so used it, finally. The inflation was mitigated within weeks. Truly! Sadly the same guy decided to go back onto gold soon after, reinforcing the most devastating period of destruction the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, even system wide MMT mania can be resolved quickly and easily depending on the will of 'the people' and who they select to lead them. It all depends...

The difference between history and your forecast is that you are predicting this time the switch to digital assets will be a permanent one. One has to take great care not to allow ones worldview to lead ones thought especially when history has already testified on the contrary.

I agree with you that our nations are run on top of structural economics faults, which must surely be brought under proper scrutiny one day. Wisdom tells me this scrutiny should be undertaken with my worldviews suspended, for long enough to look at the thing more directly, to be able to see what it really is, with the knowledge my choices about how to proceed are now a bit more certain. That is, unjaded by an image of the world which I protect jealously.

I'm developing a stablecoin idea, a token backed by the location values of a nation. It might even have potential for locking. You may not like it because it could form the basis of an asset 'robust' enough to support a CBDC on top, as Mr. W puts it. It's raw and may be bollocks. I'm proceeding with it anyway because there is something mysteriously important in the analysis on its own, notwithstanding it may never go anywhere first time out. I took it up with Satoshi last year and he called me a communist again, yet I'm the world's number 1 free trader. He was trained at university so! I also mentioned it to Mr. K and I got a fierce shadow projection for my troubles. A strong signal he already allows a worldview to lead his thought but is not aware of it. So I cannot rely on what they say really. For this project I'm looking for other contributors who have an unlimited view of the world. I've been inside the UK Treasury on similar matters before and I'll be trying to reconnect with them. The banking lobby are strong judging by the latest report but are talking like scared cats causing all sorts of silly fears with the committee about user surveillance and stability of banks who fecklessly choose not use the CBDC. Obvs they are seeking yet more protectionism and do not care about the benefits of innovation to the nation.

I have a pdf of the 'Stabilization of the Mark's from back in the day. It's an astonishing eye opener because it's an exposition of an entire nation at large when in deep trouble and how it will act on the whole. For me it tells me that in the end no matter how good the tech, how just something is, whoever is most believed in, a tyranny or a democracy, the people decide what gets adopted. And they decide good and hard.


p s. I'll send a few sats for your time reading this. No app that works well enough yet 😂