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Theres no Difference Between Government and a Corporation

On government, the state and corporations. 

The terms 'Public' and 'Private' sector are images of the world that thought has created. So that thought can escape from sin and blame a despotic father figure, imagining it is now free and virtuous. Then thought proceeds to worship this image because the apparent results are so cosy. The harder thought worships the image, the deeper the image is buried deep and eventually rendered unconscious. To the point that its no longer possible to separate actuality, from the image. A sort of demon simulation, where followers are possessed by it.

By taking the whole of the world and dividing it into atomic parts of public and private sector, conflict is inevitably the result. Because both images are an inauthentic duality where the ideas of both sides must be full of hate for the other. They must be to attain and retain power over the competing image. But power never happens in the end, they are perpetually in conflict, harming and self harming. An economist would call this 'competition' in the Adam Smith sense.  Yet it is not the same meaning. Competition in the material worlds economic sense is fine. I am talking about the competition between images, ideas, doctrine, the psychic sense.

So, can I take the whole of the world and unite it, as far as I can, with these images suspended? And if I could do that, even for a moment, what would I see?

I would see what is real. Because I'm no longer looking at images. I am looking at the actual thing - monopoly power. In this case I would see that government is just another corporation, with monopoly power and the biggest of all. Or that a corporation is just another form of government but with less monopoly power, a sort of loser. 

I'm not saying that is a good or a bad thing. I am just pointing at it. Either way the duality is reunited with actuality. And I can see that before thought has created these 2 images of public and private sector, it was just monopoly power. Or symbolically, a despotic father figure.

How would people generally behave, vote, interact, buy stuff, work, if they already knew this? Having seen through the simulation would people want to change how it works or would people be happy with it that way already?