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Bitcoin Becomes the Worlds New Cash System - Everything Now Smells of Roses

I'm going to tell you how:

  • Bitcoin will be adopted globally and work perfectly for everyone
  • The effects of this amazing labour saving device will be an enormous boost in productive power
  • Resulting in a huge increase in total wealth available to the whole world
  • In the final analysis how this new wealth will all be sucked up into the value of real estate
  • And how this will always be the way under the current economic structures demanded by society, no matter what the next new technology is

Imagine this scenario:

After fierce resistance and huge record breaking legal battles, BitcoinSV, the original and untampered with blockchain protocol, has been adopted worldwide. 

GDP grows 5 times in less than 2 years. This is traced by experts to the advent of Bitcoin and can be easily proven true to the public, who accept it fully, no fake news this time. 

But there's a rather big problem - nothing has changed in the distribution of wealth. Meaning, those who created all the new wealth, still do not see any more of it in their wallets. This includes both employees and capitalist owners of their businesses and skilled entrepreneurs. All of them have seen no gain. As an example, Josh, as a software developer, writes brilliant code 80 hours a week. Yet his day rate has not increased a bit. His rent and the cost of using services, which he notices have fallen in quality, have doubled though. The world has not changed fundamentally. All that has happened is this fantastic new labour saving device has increased productive power enormously.

And no one, even the top economists, not even the radical economists, understand why nor can explain it with any clarity. All that is heard is a litany of blame of the rich and the poor equally, depending on where they stand politically. As a result, the activist politicians, protests and rioting of the past have increased in intensity. The middle class have lost more of their share in general. The price of a home has boomed to historic levels and is now even more way out of reach for the young and the poor, despite there being millions of empty homes in every nation. Even wealth and power are starting to complain by joining forces with the middle class politically.

All the top economists and even Bitcoin's inventor and figurehead Craig Wright cannot explain it at all, which the people are astonished about especially given the big promises about saving the planet with Bitcoin prior to adoption. The general public now looks at them rather suspiciously or as being corrupt but with no evidence to support these personal attacks. Normal stuff aye? Nothing has changed. The world was not saved...evidently. Yet we have this brilliant new tool in full flow, everywhere and it's seen as a modern day 'riddle of the sphinx'.

Reprise: If we look back to the advent of the Internet in the early 90's, what was the clarion call of the developers back then? Was it not "this will change the world"? And the result was that within a few years the Internet became fully monopolised by Big Tech. And now the world's population finds its identities are being sold multiple times daily, for much more than they bargained for, for ad revenue. We the people, are now the product. But to be fair, at least we got a free app out of it. 

In this brave new world of Bitcoin it goes much deeper. The corporate monopolies are the minnows in all these gains in spite of everyone saying they are to blame for everything, again with no supporting evidence for the allegations. Here is why it goes so much deeper: as new wealth is now so much easier to create thanks to Bitcoin, there will also be locations where the biggest amount of it can be created more than anywhere else. And this will usually be at the centres of economic activity. And of course it is these locations that the best hard working people, most skilful entrepreneurs and industrious communities will fight each other to use for production and to live on more than all others. Now think Supply and Demand - rents will rise accordingly. And the historic macro economic effect is that rents will rise to the extent of the totality of all of the new wealth now being created - rent will suck up all the gains. This, is why the world has not been saved just yet, in spite of untold new wealth being available. 

To be more certain about this we can research further back in history for ourselves.  And she will show us how to remember the future with no resistance. But we have to look authentically else her free financial advice will be wasted on us. By authentically I mean free from any cosy views of the world informing our thought, which blind us. Such as anarchism, socialism, libertarianism, anti bank, anti government, planet saving, identity crisis management etc etc. Any of a litany of childish views of the world which STOP you from seeing the kind of important fundamental stuff which will ensure your household and family remain secure. The cult of Bitcoin is just one more of these leviathans when it claims to be here to save us. Now don't get me wrong. I want Bitcoin to be adopted. I believe Wright is Satoshi. Bitcoin will be a fantastic labour saving device identical to all those before it. My point is, Bitcoin as a technology has no power whatsoever, in this universe, to save the world. To believe it does, in spite of an abundant history testifying against it, means one is possessed by the cult mind and can no longer be relied on as a witness to reality. Do I make myself clear? 

Back to the imaginary story - this macro economic riddle has become the number one media event around the world. Hand in hand with that meme, it's also the number one political issue.Never before have so many nations supported something so important so harmoniously. While at the same time all agreeing something is badly wrong.

All sides politically, ideologically and religiously are blaming each other just like before. Calling everyone corrupt. And declaring boldly, again with no evidence, that the largest social institutions and monopoly corporations of every nation are deeply involved in corruption and always have been. Worryingly, there's a magnetically attractive narrative developing saying this is more concrete proof theres a powerful elite making slaves out of the people from secret castles in Southern California. Or that the very successful CBDC cash and tokenised deposits now being used by almost every nation, and on chain now too, are giving unbridled surveillance powers to these mysteriously hidden elites, who still, no one can put a finger on and locate with any certainty. Some say they live on the dark side of the moon but this is hard to believe because others say we never even got there in the first place. Some really strange groups are actually saying it's an alien invasion by the back door. Making matters worse, others even more weird are believing them!

To say the world is teetering on the brink would be an understatement. Yet it has no idea why and can only blame those who it most easily sticks to.

Nothing seems to have changed fundamentally in the public mind except that prior conditions seem to have worsened even though just like with the Internet 30 years ago, the whole of the world has grown 5 times in economic value relative to before. Real estate owners, mostly homeowners with a single home, are sitting there comfortably 'smoking cigars' but have no idea how they fell into so much tax free, work free, economic luck. They just know for certain they made the exact correct investment decision and will immediately vote against, or as is now becoming common for politicians have the supreme court send them to jail for what that's worth, if they even think about the obvious remedy.

A great mystery has developed surrounding the spectacular success of this new labour saving device called Bitcoin. Nonetheless it's still a total unknown as to why the distribution of wealth has grown worse or at the very least has not improved since Bitcoin was adopted mainstream. 

What do you think could possibly have happened here?