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Bitcoin Cannot be Both a Commodity and Money at the Same Time in this Universe

Many BSV fans promote BSV as a commodity, making it uniquely different and better than other chains. But this is misinformation because its promoters do not fully understand what money is to its full extent. 

Bitcoin can only remain a commodity while it's not used for a financial transaction. If used to make an exchange of money for goods and services the commodity must now be used as PROXY data for the trust in a financial transaction - money! 

Just like metal and paper, you cannot wipe your arse on a piece of paper while also using it in an exchange for goods and services - right? Once it starts being used as money, during that transaction, at that time, it can no longer be used as a commodity. Of course, we are not magicians!

Certainly, a non financial Bitcoin transaction can retain its commodity nature if used in a non financial transaction, which is a fabulous technical innovation. 

Some may think this is semantics or boring intellectualism. But think about it with great care.

Across history, whenever money has been assumed to be identical to wealth(in this case as a commodity) during financial transactions society has commenced its descent to the deep, not to mention new forms of slavery.

Lets not commit Bitcoin to the same crimes.