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Huge New Opportunity for Commercial Banks $4 Billion Annual Revenue

Imagine a situation where you as a commercial bank or fintech VC CEO, had the opportunity to start processing a new kind of cash transaction? 

Where the total demand for these new transactions is projected to be about 1 million per second within the next 5 years. And theres a running network protocol which can already handle this peak load. 

That's a annual revenue of $4 billion! And you as CEO own the right to the intellectual property. Only you currently have access to this opportunity.

Each transaction commands a fee, which your business, as processor and registrar, get paid for immediately

Lets say each transaction pays you a fee of the equivalent value 1/100th of a cent per transaction to make it invisible to each counterparty. Make it a tenth of a cent if you like no one will notice, just be sure to multiply the revenue by 10!

This is a global demand on the transaction network so average daily load would be about 90 billion txs per day across the world as the peak spreads evenly across timezones. Or 10 per capita daily. 

The total market size for this transaction network would be:

$100 per second
$10 million daily
$4 billion annually

This sounds too hard to believe right, the numbers are so big. No. This is about how many financial transactions of all kinds continuously happen, all the time 24x7, 365. I've actually been rather conservative.

This opportunity exists today. But no one is taking it. We live in a curious world.