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The Intersection of the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving and the COPA versus Wright Trial

Sometime in April, when the predefined number of blocks have been mined, the subsidy which miners receive for creating blocks of transactions, will be cut in half. This is all legitimate and understood.

To keep mining at the same rate of profit, miners will either have to

  1. commit twice as much of their savings, to proof of work costs, to remain above water
  2. hope the price gets pumped either legally or not, to account for the loss of subsidy
Meanwhile sometime in March 24, just prior to the halving, the COPA versus Dr. Craig Wright case to determine if Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto - inventor of Bitcoin, will be ruled on by Mr. Justice Mellor in The High Court of Justice in London.

What a coincidence!

Who would like to speculate on:
  1. If this is actually a coincidence or the risky strategy of one side or the other?
  2. If Wright wins, what will happen to the price of Bitcoin at an exceedingly critical time for buyers and sellers?
  3. Likewise, if he loses?
Whatever happens in the trial, Bitcoin will require historic levels of pumping, legally or otherwise, to insure against the risk.