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Equality of the Law, Dr. Craig Wright & Satoshi Nakamoto

You don't need to read this all the way through. Just skirt through a paragraph of your choice. It's hard to say it's been written by a fraud or imposter. Clearly whomever wrote this knows exactly how the technology works from it's deepest roots. The curious thing is, the technical developers wanting to see him jailed, cannot talk to it well at all. Most of the celebrity figures don't even know about broad blocks of the protocol. So what exactly is going on in the trial of Dr. Craig Wright, when the judge says he, the only one who understands the white paper, did not write it. It's a most curious thing. BTW the other day the same judge issued a Worldwide Freezing Order on all of Wrights assets, in case he tries to flee. Follow the outcome of this injunction in the news. Why? Because if Wright pays these costs from Bitcoin mined in the early Satoshi Nakamoto blocks, surely that will prove he is authentic and the powerful narrative trying to see him jailed will have orchestrated it all. And what will the court do then, having made one of the biggest faux pas in rulings you could imagine? April 12th is the day we find out.

Our view is that this is a repeat of what is testified to so well by history herself, when something new emerges, with the power to turn upside down a systemically corrupt political economy. For the good of it. She has told us so many times with perfect clarity that the incumbent power presently dominating the system, will bring maximum resources to bear on the figurehead leading from the front on the possibility of change. We have no evidence to show how power is doing this. We only use speculation as our positive proofs as evidence. Just like the High Court is doing right now with Dr. Wright. The forms of action old decrepit power can take are unlimited. There are no exceptions to what measures will be taken to stop the transfer of power from the old rulers, to the new. None. No conspiracy theories are needed. History so testifies over the aeons. It is happening.