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The Wisdom of Assange, Snowden & Ulbricht, Relative to Dr. Craig Wright

Making my way along High Holborn from London's High Court today at the end of the trial of COPA versus Dr. Craig Wright, I was thinking about how the crypto world has been on a witch hunt for Wright for 8 years now. Does this collective of 'investor citizens' hate him so much because his adventure reveals their own complicity in systemic crime?

Let's take a very brief look at some history...

The feds were tracking Edward Snowden and Julian Assange from day one. Because both believed Bitcoin was anonymous and encrypted, so also foolishly believed it is censorship resistant so cannot be traced and followed by the law.

Yet anyone who has made a cursory analysis of how crypto works knows all transactions are sent in clear text. For anyone who refuses to believe this is so simple, cast your minds back to how successfully a narrative operated during the pandemic. In convincing not only nations, but an entire planet to just believe the story being told.

I'm not implying the pandemic was a conspiracy. I am saying its very easy to persuade ultra large groups of people to act. What has happened with Bitcoin is that a similar narrative has also convinced all people to allow themselves to simply... 'believe' it is censorship resistant. With no further analysis. 

Likewise for Assange et al, they believed. And all the money laundering is being done on chain for the same stupid reason - crime, still after all this time, believes crypto is safe as a store for the proceeds of crime. 

And criminals will be caught. When the law so chooses. The law is slow to act. When it does, it does so very perfectly.

I'm not saying I'm happy about that particularly. I am saying it will happen, just as it did for Ulbricht(who was lucky to get only 78 years), and if they can both show the courage of men and face the consequences of their actions, Assange and Snowden too. They both knew the rules and broke them, fair and square, so why not be men and face the consequences? Maybe they will be able to hide forever. Good for them! But they will be neither bold nor men. Certainly not characters we would want our children to follow.

And this speaks volumes for their wisdom. Ross Ulbricht too for the same reason who is already in jail after being caught red handed while setting up an assassination network, which the appeal court testimony shows us very clearly. Only fools would follow their cause. 

And it speaks well for Dr. Craig Wright who refused to support Assange in his heyday when trying to use the new Bitcoin network for criminal activity. Wright knew they were up to no good and told them in no uncertain terms. They proceeded. And were caught. They ran and hid, not really like men.

Is this also why the rest of the crypto world has been on a witch hunt for Wright's neck for 8 years now? Is it also true for the same reason that millions of citizens automatically smear Wright with allegations of forgery and lies, without having spent a moment to look into it. To escape from their own complicity in hiding tax evasion, alimony evasion and anything else any citizen would try to hide if they could knowing they might be able to do it without their family being able to see it?

Big question: what crimes did these popular fools commit? The feds cannot reveal that yet due to second order effects. Which are likely to endanger yet more innocent and unconnected members of the public. 

There is no wisdom found here. Except there is some courage in what Wright is insisting on pursuing.