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Total Transparency on a Public Core Ledger is the Only Way a Digital Pound CBDC can be Adopted

A digital pound on a Public Blockchain is the only way to end the CBDC surveillance fear program. And make an open door to push on for the digital pound. But why?

Transparency, is why. There are 2 firms of transparency:

1) we recognise the state needs transparency of transactions to be able to trace and follow money laundering, fraud and other crime obviously
2) The People need transparency to be able to trace and follow the actions of the state

That is all.

Both simultaneously are only possible on a Public Blockchain core ledger.

A private core ledger of any kind destroys this opportunity. Because the people will simply not trust anything less transparent. This is abundantly clear in the widespread narrative already capturing the people, as a fear program making a digital pound no more than a talking shop.

We can resist what the people believe only in as much as the digital pound never gets adopted. Or we can think innovatively and push on that open door.

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