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Executive Summary of the Modern World

...and the imaginary rumours we still create to remind us life is all about survival 

We still possess primordial inherited instincts

Which tell us about constant impending dangers

Our ancient ancestors used them as a survival tool in an environment which was constantly dangerous

And with the advent of social organisation these existential threats disappeared

Yet we still possess the instinct, like it remains in our DNA. And as a substitute for real danger we create imaginary danger, to fill the gap.

This survival instinct still drives us as a primary function. Because it gives our lives meaning. More meaning than religions, fame or fortune. Much more.

The drive is unconscious so we cannot be aware of it's powerful driving force

This means there is no scientific analysis, logic nor reason which can attend to it

It's also a collective activity making it quite remote for individual action to identify and act upon

So what is the result of this artificial separation of ancient inherited instinct and modern material world reality?

It's that when as a large social group we instinctively feel too much safety, when there are no longer any real problems to deal with, the instinct automatically re-activates the survival tool

Even if it's no longer required, the 'need' for it is overwhelming. We need the threat to live, meaningfully. We need the want to survive. It delivers meaning. Without meaning what is there?

The net effect is each time to create a 'fantasy threat event' out of nothing and reinforce it socially by whatever means are most effective

This event creation is not planned. It is created unconsciously by the collective group we call society.

It's not like an individual can plan it or a cabal of wealth and power can conspire to it or a democratuc majority votes for it. Likewise, nor can these block it.

It happens, automatically, as an instinctual response, to protect what is now an imaginary tribe. It's a rumour. Which is now globalised into one homogeneous tribe.

What is the evidence for this crazy hypothesis? 

Plenty. There is nothing socially with more supporting evidence. War is probably the most widely adopted kind of threat event created in this way.

And cvilisation has 'advanced' so far in wealth and education terms, we cannot escape the fact that we no longer need to conquer neighbours to survive. The situation is now globalised. All tribes are effectively equal and unconsciously in agreement. 

But the instinct remains as urgent as ever

So the power of instinct from now on creates intra-tribal events to deal with it. Or global existential threats. Which are imaginary fantasies.

I need not list the litany of these events we see all around us today. Events which are not real but command the totality of the power of nations to defend or fight against.

No one needs educating on the these events. Entire nations respond willingly and immediately. Sending our young to die for them. Culling our wise and aged in the cause. 

There are no conspiracies of wealth and power scheming away, none are required. Ancient primordial instinct is all. In the imaginary rumours which appears as threat events.

The urge to survive is just as powerful as it was prior to the bronze age. And we've yet to evolve enough to recognise it's no longer necessary. Maybe this sort of thought is the first tentative ephemeral step.

A question remains: is nature herself behind this instinct. Is she saying:

"No! You are not ready yet. Carry on"


  1. Quite not the way it is.....rather survival of the fittest. Be a Ruler or be ruled, simple as that, but this will not be taught in shool. All the best.

    1. Hint - you have to take special care when reading: "And with the advent of social organisation these existential threats disappeared"


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