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The Existential Gene

Everyone constantly complains about which party is in power. And it doesnt matter which side you're on, the other side is always evil. Theres a reason for this - the existential gene.

Evidently we're very happy with the current system, though we always complain about it, we want it. We need it to persist. 

Remember the plandemic, the phoney wars, the so called genocides and of course climate change doctrine. All of them are visionary rumours, manufactured by the people as a collective. No one was forced, no one needed to be educated to do it. Apparently we all wanted these events.

These are things the people 'NEED'. It is what the people want. They are existential activities. And without them, and since we also killed God, there is no longer meaning in life. 

So we create artificial existential threats. Jung called these events 'visionary rumours'. We NEED them. It is primordial from times when every day our lives were under threat. We have not lost the gene. Or we have not evolved enough yet to overwhelm it's power.

Even two party's means there is a threat. From the other party. Even with the uniparty, new threats will be the great masse of people, if there is no extant threat. It really has nothing to do with who is in so called power. They are merely a proxy for the collective who select them. US! That our leaders actually have power, is an illusion. WE have power.

Even a tyrant is selected by the people. Of course this is absurd to most people. But most people are not aware of this 'existence gene' dominating our unconscious selves. Because any talk about anything which cannot be measured by our senses is discounted as mumbo jumbo. Since the so called 'enlightenment' where the grand tool we call science was created and we now worship.

Conspiracy theory may not be real. But the images they convey are very real indeed. They are pointing directly at these rumours, urgently asking the people to act...finally. If we discount these red flags coming from the nut cases, that is a terrible mistake for 'normal' people to make


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