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The Movement of Thought and Why you must Pay Attention to it.

The following is a definition of 'the movement of thought'. It's important to understand because it can help you know how to proceed confidently under the inevitable challenges of life. Making you far less likely to be contributing to the conflict.

"Thought creates an image of the world. Then thought worships the image it created"

Am I aware of this movement of thought?

Thought is neither a good nor bad thing for me. It is what I make of it. 

But if I'm unaware of thoughts movement, where will it run free to? And how will I be able to make good with it any more. Worse, how will I be able to tell if I'm harming myself or others? If I forget that thought moves under it's own steam.

Imagine a belief system. Any belief system. Thought created this belief system obviously. And moving independently of my self, thought can secretly take control, while promising that I can remain self booting and am the source of all good ideas. 

At a certain threshold beyond which I take care of it, thoughts movement becomes normalised and I no longer see it as an independent external function. I start to believe it is actually me. I personalise the movement of thought and am offended when anyone challenges it. Sometimes to the point of wanting to kill them. Many would if it were not illegal. 

But I'm no longer aware of this. And this is why there are so many conflicts killing millions with no rational cause. And so many people hating others and accusing them of being hateful without realising it.

Is thought sourced internally or externally? I think the latter. 

All belief systems ARE this external movement of thought. Just like I am the state or I am government. And how childish it is when activists say the government is to blame for everything when I AM government.

Now. Who then is the governing authority whom I should submit to?

Well, if I remain aware that thought moves like this, I, am the governing authority. If I forget it, we are left with a world in conflict and totally unaware of why, full of hate and justifying hate in the name of my God or political beliefs. Declaring others as evil and the children of satan to be killed with impunity. Sending our own children to die in that war.

This piece is a paraphrase of The Movement of Thought, by David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti