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Big Business Wants Rent. It's a Dog in the Manger. That is Monopoly Power.

Big Business Wants Rent. 

The Claim to Innovation is a Euphemism to Cover Up Poor Performance, Low Quality and Artificially High Prices. Traditionally this has been known as Monopoly Power. 

A pejorative term describing this well is 'a dog in the manger'

On a private call this week with a Mr. X we spoke about how the blockchain tech with the most promise for the people is being ruthlessly sidelined by Big Tech due to the danger of it undermining their business model, in totality . He's well aware of the structural corporate issues within the institutions using the tech which he says he's in the process of fixing. He's also very pro enterprise blockchain.

But astonishingly he remains fully blind to the fundamental threat I'm pointing out with using a cloud service for their hyper scaling transaction processing nodes. Which already work extremely well at scale. Far better by several orders of magnitude than the dominant 'competition' who lead the market cap. He'd not thought about it before judging by his rabbit in the headlight look in response to the proposition.

That is: remember how the exchanges, with the abundant power, when under threat, simply switch you off at the socket? Likewise for cloud services if and when enterprise blockchain starts to compete with the Big Tech monopolies - they will simply stop delivering the service for the usual spurious reasons. They are a business after all fair enough. But for macro level business to block innovation, like a dog in the manger, when they could adopt it themselves and fly high?

For any leader within the BSV space to recognise this and not act is reckless. For others its business ignorance of the highest order and one wonders why they hold these high seats.

People find this impossible to recognise because they think monopoly profits are the return to capital. But there was no capital involved for that particular return. It might be used elsewhere in the business true. And that receives interest as profit rightly. But for monopoly power there is no just claim to the economic rent. 

Land value has been made capital in the minds of the great masse and their leaders. Much like when a human body is made capital by ink on paper, you can trade them.

In this way, slavery, even today, even of white hetero males in the west, in good jobs, becomes normalised, and rendered into the unconscious.

I include these metaphors to make my point, in extremity, because that makes the point most clear. And I know you are a thinking person who is deadly serious and wants to know.