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Imaginary Rumours. An Ancient Primordial Instinct

Posted to Tania Williams on Substack:

Have you considered the possibility of 'visionary rumours'?

These are fabricated events, created at a systemic level, to present the world with unavoidable existential moments.

They are not created by a cabal of wealth and power. But by an unconscious collective, or the 'great masse'.

Ten thousand years ago or more, every day was a matter of existence and protecting oneself and family from very real danger a primary duty. It was normal to live with very serious daily threat.

The ability to survive under these conditions was a skill or almost a genetic trait. Those with more of it tended to live.

Roll on civilisation and today where the productive power of the economy is so high that no level of stupidity seems to be able to bring it down. Better still there are no longer any existential threats today except for those we create ourselves out of nowhere.

Now. We still possess those ancient genes. And they still very much need satisfying. To satisfy a 'need' for existential threats and danger. To make us scared in the way we used to be so that we're well prepared. To cause us to fight each other still when there's no need nor any shortage of anything.

These are those 'imaginary rumours' created by the great masse of people, unconsciously, to satisfy this primordial instinct no longer required. These rumours mean everything to the collective. But cannot be studied or measured because they are unconscious activities. 

Remember the pandemic? What about climate change doctrine. And phoney wars. They are all visionary rumours. Fabricated out of nothing to satisfy a primordial instinct. To fabricate urgently needed but fake danger, threat and fear

Nature is still a threat, large asteroids, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc. But famine, poverty, unemployment? These are all post hunter gatherer things which society unconsciously creates when arrogantly trying to rise above nature.

But who would know? A great masse acts more powerfully in society than any other force. But no one is aware of it so it cannot be analysed. And this great masse automatically fabricates artificial threats to replace those which were very real prior to social organisation.

I'm not saying they're a good or bad thing or that something should be done about it. I am just pointing at them in case your mind is open enough to look at them yourself and see what you think. The idea of them fits more than imagining billions of people are asleep or there's a cabal of wealth and power driving the stupid problems we freely create. 

The whole conditions the parts. The parts do not make the whole. The collective is taking action as a whole. But it's not aware of itself doing that 

Thought creates an image of the world. Then thought worships the image it created. The individual is not aware of this 'movement of thought'.

Thought is the great masse itself. Immensely power, yet not aware of if itself.

Let me know what you think?