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On Moralism

Morals are a problem too for science and religion. And of course the law - morals are laws or at the very least drive their formation.

Yet God is dead. We have killed him. And with what shall we wash our hands of all the blood? 

God, who used to be the root authority behind these morals. At least for most religion. And science is being driven by morals more than ever curiously.

Why is this a problem? After all, isn't it better that 'men' now drive the creation and sustenance of morals?

Yes, it's a very big problem indeed. Because it's a primary exposition showing how thought creates an image of the world and then worships the image it just created. Without realising it.

How come? Well if 'men' now create the rules, they have self declared themselves as the root authority. It's circular reasoning. Or self fulfilling prophecy. Or you know what I mean.

So is this anything new in the end? Even when God was the root authority, how do we know the idea of God was not also an image men created - in their own image, and then worshipped?

Nonetheless, both authorities have been created by men as images and then worshipped, unconsciously.

But we can never know if God created us or we him. We can only believe. Faith just moves the same question to a deeper level it still proves nothing. All we can say is:

"all I know, is that I do not know"

And if we can do that, even though it is a tiny amount of knowledge, we now know far more than we ever knew before.