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The Dellingpod & Dr. Mike Yeadon at the Rock Tower

Ivermectin and Hiroshima

I went to the Dellingpod last night with Mike Yeadon. Astonished at the audience. When Yeadon told us Ivermectin is a psyop and that Hiroshima was not destroyed by an atomic bomb, the audience simply believed him on faith, kind of with a giant swoon which went around the room like a Mexican wave as everyone just believed him. Now, I'm not in the least bit suggesting he's wrong here. I am observing that the whole room of 250 people just believed it with no further analysis from authority. An observation. Immediately I questioned how I had done exactly the same in the past on other topics. And now wonder about if I believe all this stuff as a matter of faith too. I put this observation to others present who simply denied it happened. Astonishing.

Yeadon also made a clear statement he recognises he's regarded as a nutter but there is no better analysis of the situation unless anyone wants to suggest a one. Well the hypothesis of 'visionary rumours' is a more plausible analysis but is totally unacceptable to the great masse, of course! There is no escaping own complicity in the world's great social problems when the inner Light casts it's own shadow. I put this to Dellingpod in a packed hot noisy but fun pub afterwards. He thought about it for 2 seconds and we both agreed it was the wrong time and place. But his entire enterprise and celebrity rests on a narrative of there being a cabal of wealth and power determined to depopulate the world with impunity, so I'm not holding my breath.

A 'visionary rumour' is like an image, or narrative, created by thought, adopted by the collective or great masse. It is unconscious activity so the great masse cannot self evaluate as a group. And science is not permitted to do metaphysics, period.

It's purpose is to create a story about the world which delivers meaning in the form of an existential threat of some kind. This threat serves a primordial 'need' or instinct long forgotten about yet still present as if our DNA still from ancient times. The need today, from ancient yesterday, remains about the daily survival our ancestor lived with as a normal  fact of life - that you could be eaten by an animal or die of starvation on a failed crop very easily and so on. So an instinct developed naturally almost like a survival tool and work well for those families who rendered it correctly. What is more it manifested to those tribes as true meaning and archetypes also developed around that meaning something like stories to them. Today we would call these metaphors as a way to describe meaning where literal words do it no justice. As the race evolved over aeons and especially as we moved from the plains into fields with farming, social organisation next develop by natural forces too. This was obviously a real boon, because even the early labour saving devices, still primative as they were, allowed the more adept tribes to shun existential threat to the extent the devices delivered more food water, shelter and weapons. And this technology revolution very much outpaced genetic evolution. So much so that today our regular genes have barely evolved relative to these so called technical 'genes' which have grown much like Moores law.

So we arrive at modern day man, it's civilisation and social organisation. Which are now so well developed, there really is no more existential threat to defend against given all the protection systems in place and enormous productive power making it extremely hard to bring down the total economic system even if a useless tyrant or hopeless government is selected. All that remains is the remote possibility of a larger than 10km asteroid strike. And of course, and critically for this hypothesis, society crushing problems which society itself creates, usually without being aware it is doing it for several reasons we can discuss later and even then the power of human organisation is still too great for even that. A survival breakpoint has been passed meaning it will continue anyway whatever happens. Quite a spectacular achievement. 

So what's the issue? 

Our genes. Which still operate as if there is very much a daily existential threat. I don't know if these are really genes, I use the word in metaphor, but it may well be genetic. The point is, an ancient structure, much like the hypocampus, still runs like a CPU thread churning out a second by second output telling us to be ready for wild beasts and storms which can easily kill us, in the form of an acutely meaningful archetype. An archetype representing an image or narrative of survival. And when there is no actual threat, and this machine still runs, the unconscious urge is to 

Now is this archetype a personal or a collective function? The personal one is easy to believe is possible. It's easy to image it operating inside the brain of each individual. The other clearly is much harder to consider is a possibility because science forbidden the scrutiny of metaphysics, that is, what is beyond our current understandings in science. But this does not mean what is beyond is not happening. It just means we've yet to look carefully. 

My view is that it's both personal and collective. Meaning it has always had a life of it's own which encompasses the largest group in possession of that particular survival narrative. There may be competing narratives. Whichever dominates tends to emerge as the most obvious one.

So these archetypes, images of the world, are as if thought created images of various dangers, and then worshiped the images it just created. Because the race 'needs' to have the threats to life clear and present to ready for the real life ones. Today we no longer need them in the material world obviously. But these images are not material world things they are metaphysical. The urgent need for them remains and even when there's no threat present, thought, will create them out of thin air to satisfy the ancient primordial need. And worship them. 

Where is the evidence for this. Well, we do t have to look too far back to see how not a local group of people formed a cult. No, not even a larger nation came together as one. But the entire population of the planet, came together, as one, without force, without needing to be educated, without manipulation, and immediately overnight produced a pandemic.

4 years later it's generally accepted most of it was a mistake. Most people have either forgotten about the litany of errors during the interventions which the totality of this tribe fully supported at the time. Or insist they always new it was a mistake which is clearly a neurosis.

Could there be a better analysis, than that this particular systemic event was a 'visionary rumour', rooted deep down inside our ancient selves. That we needed it to happen to satisfy that primordial urge. The instinct for survival needed it. And the great massed delivered.

This is just one topical example to make the point as clearly as possible. Surely there are many that followed - the Ukraine, Palestine. And so many more before: world wars, cold wars, you name it.

Before I finish, allow me to make myself abundantly clear. I by no means am saying the pandemic did not happen, that the vaccine is a psyop, that masks have no effect or that the PCR test to gain cases artificially. Likewise I'm not saying that any of them are not. 

I am saying that large groups of people will by nature automatically corral into a powerful structure which creates an imaginary threat to survival. And will stand by that image of threat as if there was nothing more important. Acting accordingly and expectedly. Yet will not be conscious it is doing it.