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The Term, Collective Unconscious

The term 'collective conscious' is probably derived from its source 'collective UNconscious', made up by CG Jung over a century ago during the first world war.

Its not clear if the derivation is an 'accidental' coincidence or curiously a 'meaningful' one. It's curious because a meaningful coincidence is how Jung termed a 'synchronicity'. So it was not a mistake when the term was used incorrectly. But it was done with meaning. While the purveyor was unconscious of doing it. This is not to make a mockery of people using the term. On the contrary, it is to pay close attention to what was actually going on in its use. Users are pointing at something very real and very important, but do not have the language to describe it. Its kind of 'forbidden' to talk about it directly. We knows something is happening but are unable to say it. Except in our dreams.

Look in the mirror: What the collective unconscious means, is the possibility of a powerful universal force which emerges within large formations of people or a 'great masse'. Yet this power is not aware of itself. It is unconscious. Nevertheless it acts. And with impunity which is often seen in its devastating effects with the result being people everywhere saying how unfair it all is and it must be blamed on someone. All but the self must be blamed at all costs and talking shops crop up everywhere and are highly respected. But what is this 'self'.

The whole conditions the parts. We're taught from the start we are all individuals. And this has to be beaten out of us until we capitulate. By our parents no less. Until, we believe that instead, the parts condition the whole. And we're left with the terrible mistake we call social organisation. With society now doing the beating.

I think this all came out quite nicely during your dialogue today. With David alluding to an unconscious activity.

What better exposition do we have of the archetypes we see in our dreams pointing right at this powerful force? Brexit, Trump Delusion Sydrome, the plandemic? Ukraine(or Russians are aliens so we are allowed to kill them)? jew hatred, transmania, white supremacy prejudice, climate change fanaticism? All are archetypes upholding this force, unaware of itself, causing great harm with impunity. 

Not by individuals acting as its so tempting to try and believe. I can blame 'them' for all the worlds problems so easily right? But as a large masse forms and gains power, it develops a life of its own. And acts as a whole, without the parts needing to be forced, educated, bribed or blackmailed. We all take part from the enfolded whole, unaware of the activity. The whole conditions the parts.

The beauty of this theory is it undermines the popular two 1) that wealth and power are not that smart and make a lot of silly mistakes 2) or, that theres a conspiracy, breathing together in a high castle somewhere, to take over the world and enslave us. Its beautiful because its a more rational third way which so much more plausibly describes cause and effect. 

You should listen to Jiddu Krishnamurti who was not only fascinating to relate against these questions. But entertaining too for making so many philosophers look so obviously like the idiots they are. You can cite me as being a primary exposition. I'd take that because I can update my CV with philosopher. I'm already jokingly called an amateur economist but know more about it than a professor. I'm virtually unemployable. :)