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Give Me My Sweeties

Recently I had an exchange with a man who would make himself angry, when I started talking about how the world's problems are caused by individuals, like myself, him and others and not a cabal of wealth and power.

That is to say, me and you, I.

The curious thing is I was not saying it was his fault or directing any blame onto him personally. But he took it exactly as though that was what I was doing. And made several attacks directly at my person. When I pointed this out, though he did not deny it, he got yet more angry, using further projections.

This poor child is still not aware of his actions. And the cause of them. Which is that I am pointing clearly at how it's a neurosis, which often develops into a psychosis, to blame wealth and power for the world's problems, while "I" proceed to be fully complicit in them. Because I am the cause. Not they.

So how is it technically that "I" am root cause of the world's problems? The most common way is through my enslavement of my fellow people. And the primary way "I" do this is by getting a mortgage and keeping all the unearned gains from this indirect ownership of land.

If you think there are bigger causes to the world's problems, think again. Residential real estate alone has a market cap of $500 trillion. More than the total stock of global capital. It is THE biggest asset of all. In the UK alone there are 27 million households, 50% of them are under mortgage - that is a democratic majority which no politician would want to deny sweeties to.

Think carefully now: notice how no one ever discusses this and how if anyone does it is discounted out of hand by all comers across the political spectrum. Fake politics is united on this one thing - do not talk about it, censor anyone who does, get angry if the messenger persists successfully, convey power first onto the ones who most help me escape from this.

The 2008 great recession was caused by people like you and I speculating in the rising price of housing, without contributing any inputs into that rising price. Speculating in land this way is the world's greatest form of speculation. It is unregulated and needs no license to operate. Inevitably, a threshold will be reached where the overall economy can no longer sustain itself. And work and business will slow down and stop until I either stop taking my unearned profits or the value of my assets fall back down below the threshold.

I'm not saying it is a good or a bad thing for all of us to be systemically gambling this way. I am just pointing at it. And how a crash is priced in from the start and you and I personally responsible for it. It may well be this is the best way to run things and the next best alternative is worse. I'm pointing it out with clarity because everybody is asking why. Is it therefore wrong for me to respond with the obvious. Should I be expecting so much hate for answering the question?

This angry child who cannot have his sweeties was not angry with me personally even though he was projecting his anger into me. It's OK I have thick skin having been highly active for 20 years dealing with this neurosis and psychopathy. This is a collectively held psychic problem so he was not aware of his projection. He was angry with himself, because deep down he knows unconsciously he is directly complicit in the cause of the worlds biggest problems which in public he says has nothing to do with him. Yet has devoted the past 30 years of his life blaming a cabal of wealth and power, or some similar proximate cause for the world's problems. And now Dad comes along and slaps him down like a good parent saying no more sweeties until you behave.

Now, imagine scaling this child psychology image up to the entire nation and how the image uses democracy to help millions escape in the same childish way. Now that is POWER. Sure, there are many forms of the same kind of childish behaviour. The left and the right forms of children are the most common. There are many others. So long as it helps the child escape and demand more sweeties.

Never give a spoiled child his sweeties. They will wreak havoc. Evidently. November 5th is not far away in the US.

We are forecasting the next great recession towards the end of 2026. Identical root cause. "Me and my inner child demanding sweeties". 

If I have the strength to recognise this happening in my own person, that is, I can grasp hold of my own complicity, I are well on the way to changing the world.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”