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The People's Front of Judea - Political Manifesto

This is the official manifesto of our political party. Which we will project during the early 2027 election campaign, following the next financial crisis.

Who am I? 

I identify as a Jew, not because I agree with Jews but because they are the perrenial recipients of persecution. It's a systemic injustice which the whole of the rest of the world supports. I have no idea why 7 billion or more people have so much hate in them. I'm just pointing at it and making a stand for Jews. I have no other particular position on Jews, the semetic or Israel, except they're exceptionally good at cyber security and have an annoying habit of stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

What is our policy?

This document is a work in progress. I'll add our party policy to it as and when I can.

On taxation being primary policy cause of poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy and systemic collapse 

Large placeholder. But it might be simpler just to refer directly to both the SFR Group on Location Value Covenants and the LVTC on land value taxation equally. Leave it to the people to decide politically. By fiat or by voluntarily choice 

Similarly on the tariff, quotas, import duties, export blockades, more specically all taxation on the sales of goods and services 

It is well understood that the entity which imposes a tariff on foreign goods will be the first to suffer from such a tariff. Likewise a sales tax imposed by the nation, means the nation itself will be the first to suffer. It is the most stupid and destructive of all policy. The intended beneficiary of the stupidity being monopoly power merely intensifies the stupidity. Because they too will now be forced to face higher prices to the extent of the tax.

All of these will be abolished immediately 

On the nations money

As with our great recession forecast, who can say there's a better alternative than what is extant? Even the greatest intellect in the subject simply does not know if there is a better alternative for creating the nations money and taking it back out of circulation.

We will preserve the current central bank and all it's systems, except those which in any way block monetary innovation as follows.

What we propose is a system which is transparent while remaining fully private. Transparent so that crime can be traced and followed far more easily than the current system. And private so that the risk of over engineered surveillance is minimised. To the extent that both deliver more of each than the current system. 

Today this technology implies the nation, while retaining traditional cash and payment systems starts to migrate transactions, both wholesale and retail kinds, onto a single public blockchain.

There is no need to fear state control and surveillance here. Because any of that would also be so transparent by implication from the way the tech operates. Unjust government activity would also be highly visible already. So a real advance in privacy and transparency on the levels of surveillance we have to face today with old world money and payment systems. Not to mention making it too costly for both criminal and state sanctioned money laundering.

On the nations energy supply

We would already have dealt with the climate change Ponzi scheme through abolition of all subsidies and grants which would deliver a immediate and huge economic boost to the nation. 

This would apply to nuclear power too. No more freebies. But, as a defence of the nation, we would confiscate all current power stations, including nuclear ones. There would be no harm to the corporate businesses running them, largely because they would be under water anyway without the subsidy. They would be allowed to proceed under contract to the government as normal. 

We would then start a ten year program to build a fleet of 30 x 3.5 GW nuclear power stations, probably the EPR at inception. Gradually adapting as bugs are ironed out into a British design with all the expertise and knowledge that comes with that. Eventually moving onto waste burning and isotope breeding designs for electricity supply. France built a station every 5 years in the 80's. We expect to better that. Initially this will be paid for by the state. Eventually, now the industry is not sucking the profits dry, it will become cheap and pay for itself we expect within ten years.

The idea being that everything will be electric means the huge task of updating the grid. This by no means implies local energy production suffers. We expect local ultra safe micro reactors to cover that and might even compete away the larger stations. Ending up as a large export good and service.

And this also implies hydrogen or synfuel technology from high heat reactors such that a much loved fuel economy for transport is preserved. We will also remove any law or regulation which punishes the driver.

On immigration

We welcome immigration, in the hope that immigrants will integrate well into our culture and our culture will likewise adopt the best parts of other cultures. Then general idea being that immigration brings in new talent to increase productivity and thus increased rental value. Government must supply whatever is required to host the new immigration. If that cannot be supplied, there will be no new immigration. It will all depend on how well we as government has prepared for it. Illegal immigration will be treated just like anything else illegal. 

Now if somebody can rationally define the difference between legal and illegal and if possible show there is none, then bring it on - we will go with it in the same way as above. 

On climate change mania and other planet saving conspiracy 

No more subsidy would largely make this activity unprofitable for it's previous beneficiaries. We expect the narrative to die out quickly when the people recognise it for what it really is - a work program for university staff.

Likewise for any other planet saving activity which will lose it's appeal once there is no longer profit in it.

On democracy being no panacea 

A people of virtue and thrift tends to select a government of virtue and thrift.

Likewise, a people of selfishness and ignorance, will tend to select a government representative of the nature of the people too.

In any time and place things will work out somewhere in between, it's all relative, all else being equal.

DANGER: Imagine a perfect voting system is adopted. This system will intensify the probability that the government elected matches the nature of the people who selected it

Democracy is neither good nor bad for the people. It is what the people make of it.

Democracy is no panacea. It's an easy escape for a great masse not yet ready to meet it's life's obligations.

We can blame the politicians for it and get off scott free.

On farming as the primary and most important production process, being savaged by appalling policy

Placeholder for exchanges with farmer Giles and his tenants and mortgagors pulling the ploughs

On welfare, fake charity, subsidies, grants, benefit scrounging and so on

Our view is that these interventions, nominally designed to relieve the needy, in the final analysis, harm the needy more by their presence than their absence.

They will be abolished immediately. 

For anyone crying out about who will treat the needy now, we say, "you will do your duty".

On intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights 

Placeholder for all correspondence with rent seekers claiming to be innovators. Pointing out how they cannot be much of an innovator if they need so much state hand holding and bailout.

All such benefit scrounging will be immediately abolished.

What is our Whole World forecast?

In material world terms, I am 99% certain there will be a great recession towards the end of 2026. Rooted in the systemic  enclosure of 'unearned incomes', also known as economic rent. Superficially rooted in mortgages, that's to say, residential housing being the collateral for those loans. When it happens a scape goat will be manufactured and used by leaders of all nations to pin the blame on. Anything which does not point out root cause - i.e. the democratic voting majority of homeowner's, will help leadership escape from their first duty and retain a good chance of getting re-elected. Whichever party creates the best escape route narrative will be the one who wins what I expect to be snap elections in many nations in early 2027 to string up the perpetrators - "something must be done about it!". Of course, any good narrative means the real crime will go unpunished, and the people as a collective, will get away with it scott free, once again. 

You may be thinking "but you own lots of real estate hypocrite". Yes, this one always comes up when people first start thinking about their own complicity in the problems of the world, as a quick escape from that complicity. I'm not saying enclosure of the rents is a good or bad thing at all. I have no position on it politically or morally. I am saying that economically it is primary cause of systemic economic collapse and that indefatigable denial of this obvious root cause possesses nearly 8 billion people. I have no idea of why the entire collective is possessed in this way nor do I know if rent seeking is morally correct or sustainable, in itself. All I know is that it's effects are blindingly obvious and repeat with regular frequency in a very big way each time. For all we know, abolition of rent seeking might make matters worse. If you insist I would guess that it's abolition will result in civil war or worse because people want rent(freebies) more than anything else, but will never confess to that. Each of us knows this very well by intuition and thus we're united and will defend each other on it to unbelievable degrees, such as sending our children to die in mysterious wars to nick other people's stuff. There are no exceptions to this collective psychosis if you think you're special here. So while it remains the foundation of the economy of every nation in the world, I will keep exploiting it because that approach is the most likely way to secure the future of my own family and household. Because while the people insist on selecting leaders to support this policy by proxy, it is the only fecund way to maintain a personal economy and secure the family. Berdyaev would have called this approach of confession in the face of an insurmountable dragon, "authentic". Call me a hypocrite at your peril. I will own you if you try.