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Do Politics Authentically and Metaphysics is Your Inevitable Goal

The beginning of politics is valuable to the spirit, but dangerous to the soul. It gives a lot of meaning to anyone who explores it. But if you remain there for too long underdeveloped your psyche will suffer and you will start to cause harm to the world, even if you think you are saving it. This is nothing to be afraid of or to seek peer validation from. It is not mumbo jumbo as our medieval scientists tend to say today. It is a free choice that's not possible to judge without absurdity. Its just a choice one can make if one likes. Once one has discovered a satisfactory political position, a cosy mental zone is created into which one can safely haven from the dangerous and unfair world of suffering. And it allows one to see meaning at last in a brutal world terminated by death. Politics is a never ending pathway which must be continuously developed. Else one falls into ideology and starts to become root cause of the suffering one is trying to escape. Victim, become perpetrator. My
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Forecasting Recession - Whatever you do, do not Listen to the Experts

Checkout yet another analysis of experts, analysis of recession forecasting How well did our experts in the academies of learning forecast the 2008 house price) crash?  Uh hum... This is how we let the credit crunch happen, Ma'am ... But even the analysis the LSE made for the Queen is nonsense. They failed because their view the economy was an ultra limited view, which makes land value the same thing as capital. They say it was just foolish debt and exuberance which caused it. Taking great care not to mention the tens of millions of home owner speculators being root cause - that of course is 'forbidden language' cross party. It is the one thing which unties both left and right in the Uniparty. Remember, they had so much warning, from non celebrity analysts who had peer reviewed data, it hurt to watch them ignore it when it was a dead cert. And after all they get billions in funding to boot. Ho hum. The Queen recognised it when she asked them at the LSE in 2009 why they didn

There is Nothing More True Than an Imaginary Rumour

I'm going to take you through a thought experiment. To try and identify something called an 'imaginary rumour'. These rumours are images which can get created within social organisation to reflect an underlying existential problem faced by that society, which is otherwise impossible to identify using science or in any material world way.  I'm using a thought experiment because given science discounts anything where cause and effect cannot be measured materially, the imagination has to be activated to shine a light on the hypothesis. Science is a great tool for the world. But it is limited. See if you can hold out and take part all the way through. It takes the form of a story, in a post apocalyptic world. Here goes... You survived a global war which killed several hundred million people You now face a new weapon more destructive than the war The winners in the war are now fighting each other maybe using this new weapon Everybody on both sides prepares itself for the end

Climate Change Doctrine, as an Imaginary Rumour

Humanity still needs these imaginary rumours. We have not evolved since ancient times. In ancient times, hunter gatherers lived entire livesexistentially. Many were eaten. Danger was always present. Survival from it was a way of life for a million years. This instinct is in our DNA to survive. In the past thousand, we have found a way to fully overcome that danger. Today productive power is so great that famines are impossible and survival is a distant danger. Humanity still needs these imaginary rumours. We have not evolved since ancient times. Psychologically. We need an existential rumour so that our primordial life is satisfied, even if it's imaginary, it can serve its purpose. But who would know? Psychic adaptation - an evolution of the soul, is considered mumbo jumbo by science - it doesn't happen, it's not required we're told by the new but still medieval high priests. And so it goes. This rumour will do it's duty. We're in a transition that might last a

ALL Household Mortgage Debt Will be Bailed Out by Governments

I'm going to tell you about how the next economic collapse will play out in about 3 years. And that you can secure your own household immediately if you change your attitude towards the world's problems. Largely by ending your blame of wealth and power and looking in the mirror at what you and your household can actually do to successfully stay safe. Calling power to account is a terrible mistake of the ego and will put your family in serious jeopardy. I'm forecasting that during the coming great recession, in around 2026, government's will bail out ALL mortgagors . In other words, even if you cannot afford to pay your mortgage, government will bail you out. Either through refinancing central banking and forcing them not to process any defaults. Or directly rescuing home owners who are under water using direct payments of cash. More likely a bit of both. If you look at the past 2 economic collapses in 2008 and 1990, maybe even 1972 - each of which was caused by specula

Who is the Legal Inventor of Bitcoin AKA Satoshi Nakamoto. And Why is it Important to Know if you Own Real Estate?

I'm going to tell you about why it's important to understand this question, well enough to be able to make independent decisions for the benefit of your own household, should your path ever cross into the crypto space, within the next three years. There's quite a bit of psychology in this piece, my apologies. But in the end, that is what this all revolves around. If you want to win, you have to go to dark places as well as the light. And the unification of both is where a locked door, now opens. Why am I telling you about this now? Because something has recently got underway and might determine the future of crypto: COPA versus Wright legal battle to essentially prove legally if Wright is Satoshi Nakamato, the mythical inventor of Bitcoin or not The question about Craig Wright and Satoshi is fraught with controversy. Delving into it means you will face a lot of propaganda attempting to direct your thought on the topic, if you don't pay careful attention. It&

Central Banking is Going to Get Stronger

Yes, finance is in a mess. And it's not heading for a crash, but increasing power.  There will be a great recession by 2026. Mortgages again, a banks biggest asset by far. Get ready for it now with sensible planning and you will be fine. Get greedy and put your family on the line.  I don't want a big recession like this, it will be horrible. I'm merely pointing at it. It's all priced in. We did it. It belongs to you and I. We own it. You cannot take more out of the economy than you put in, in this universe.  This time, different to 2008, 1990 & 1972 I'm expecting government across the spectrum to instruct banks to bail out ALL defaulting mortgagors, much like a furlough on steroids. Instead of just the privileged. There will be a lot of repos going on, tens of millions.  The fiscal change this time will be that taxation becomes irrelevant except for 'incentivising' spending behaviour. Taxation will no longer be used to fund the state nor required. The ba